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Hunger Walkathon West (Oak Park Area) CROP Hunger Walk

Social Media

Our Social Media team is helping to end hunger one step at a time by participating in this year's CROP Hunger Walk. We are using Social Media platforms to make people aware of the CROP Hunger Walk and the need to help people.

We have a website with links to our Blog with lots of information; a Facebook Page with current information; and a Twitter Feed.

Please look at www.oakparkhungercropwalk.org for links to all these pages.

We appreciate your support by making a donation ... and join us on the Walk!  If you can't walk then become a Spirit Walker by donating and walking in your location on that day.  Either way we are utilizing the power of Social Media to further the cause of helping those in need by walking, one step at a time.

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Hunger Walkathon West (Oak Park Area) CROP Hunger Walk – Oak Park, IL – Sunday, May 4, 2014

Church World Service is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.  Contributions to Church World Service are tax-deductible.

For additional assistance, contact webwalk@crophungerwalk.org.

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