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Tears: Excerpts from an RSC/Nairobi caseworker's journal
A mother and three small children shuffle into my room. Her story is typical of this group of Somali refugees militia attacked her home, shot her father, and beat her mother with the butts of their guns. She fled and in the chaos, was separated from her mother and brother. She walked with her sister to the border, entered Kenya in 1992 and moved to the refugee camp, where she's lived ever since.

As a new year begins, "there is still plenty to be concerned about"
A recent study funded by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation noted a remarkable global shift over the last few decades. Progress is being made in many areas of global health and in life expectancies overall while rates of HIV and malaria are falling. But, as the global community takes stock of this year and the new one beginning, there are still areas of serious concern.

Hurricane Sandy: Assisting survivors in New Jersey
Although always devastating, at least hurricanes usually hit in summer, bringing warm air behind them not cold, as Hurricane Sandy did. In the Northeast, that means tens of thousands of people freezing cold in homes still without lights or heat, and thousands more seeking refuge in shelters.

Hurricane Sandy: Caribbean Emergency Appeal
At least 69 people were killed in the Caribbean by Hurricane Sandy before it made landfall in the United States earlier this week. Haiti and Cuba were both particularly hard-hit, with at least 54 people alone dying in Haiti, the BBC reported.

CWS resettles 5,871 refugees in FY 2012, also serves 8,389 Cuban entrants
In FY 2012 (Oct. 1, 2011-Sept. 30, 2012), Church World Service resettled 5,871 refugees toward a U.S. Refugee Admissions Program total of 58,238.

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