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Hurricane Sandy: Assisting survivors in New Jersey

Although always devastating, at least hurricanes usually hit in summer, bringing warm air behind them not cold, as Hurricane Sandy did. In the Northeast, that means tens of thousands of people freezing cold in homes still without lights or heat, and thousands more seeking refuge in shelters.

Hurricane Sandy: Caribbean Emergency Appeal

At least 69 people were killed in the Caribbean by Hurricane Sandy before it made landfall in the United States earlier this week. Haiti and Cuba were both particularly hard-hit, with at least 54 people alone dying in Haiti, the BBC reported.

Hurricane Isaac: CWS Emergency Situation Report

Hurricane Isaac made landfall on August 28 and continues to produce drenching rains that are expected to cause significant inland flooding. While damage assessments cannot start until the storm moves past the coast, CWS Emergency Response Specialists are working with state, regional and national agencies to determine where help is needed.

CWS emergency situation report: Cuba cholera

Cuba's Public Ministry has reported 158 cases of cholera, most in Manzanillo, a city located in Granma Province, located in southeast Cuba. Isolated cases have been diagnosed in other regions of the country.

CWS sending supplies to help families affected by Oklahoma wildfires

Church World Service is sending 300 hygiene kits to Oklahoma to help people fleeing summer wildfires that have burned more than 100,000 acres in the midst of a severe drought.

CWS responds to hunger in Africa as hunger summit begins in London

For more than a year, Church World Service has been responding to needs in the Horn of Africa; in addition, it now is responding to an increasingly worrisome humanitarian emergency in the Sahel, a vast African region south of the Sahara desert. Maurice A. Bloem, CWS's deputy director and head of programs, discusses his recent humanitarian trip to Burkina Faso.

CWS emergency appeal: Angola returnees

Due to Angola's 1975-2002 civil war, large numbers of Angolans fled the country, seeking safety in neighboring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Others fled the country in 1961 at the time of de-colonization (from Portugal) and stayed across borders for more than 40 years.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms December 2011 update

Severe storms, floods and tornadoes devastated large areas of the United States in April, May and June 2011. The list of states with significant damage from flooding includes Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Texas wildfires update

Several communities in East Central Texas have been severely impacted by the September and October wildfires. In Bastrop County alone fires destroyed 1,700 homes of which approximately half were not insured. Additionally four churches were destroyed.

CWS situation report: Angola floods

Floods near the Angolan border with the Democratic Republic of Congo are causing severe problems to residents and to recent Angolan returnees who have recently returned to their country from the DRC.

CWS situation report: Thailand flooding

As noted in the Oct. 11 situation report, Cambodia is experiencing the worst flooding in more than a decade due to typhoons and greater-than-average rainfall. Floods are also seriously affecting neighboring Thailand.

CWS situation report: Cambodia flooding

Cambodia is experiencing the worst flooding in more than a decade due to typhoons and greater-than-average rainfall. The Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers are overflowing and 17 of Cambodia's 24 provinces are affected by the severe flooding.

CWS emergency appeal update: East Africa drought

The East African drought continues to deepen, and an estimated 13.2 million people are now in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. Two years of failed rains have produced the most severe drought in the region since 1950.

Initial emergency appeal: Pakistan (Sindh) flooding

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan are causing widespread damage, particularly in the southern province of Sindh. The death toll from the floods is approaching 200 and some 5 million residents of Sindh are affected. As part of a coordinated response by members of the ACT Alliance, CWS is providing food and non-food items, shelter kits, hygiene kits and health services.

Uncertainty grips Pakistan's flood survivors

Severe flooding in Pakistan has made thousands homeless and damaged crops.  Church World Service is providing food, shelter and medical care. With floodwaters drawing closer in and destroying crops, families in Umerkot District took refuge along roadsides and on higher ground while some are still trying to evacuate from their villages, a journey that can turn dangerous.

CWS situation report: Pakistan (Sindh) flooding

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan continue to cause widespread damage, particularly in the southern Sindh province. Some 5 million people in the province have been affected, with more than half of them living in the districts of Khairpur and Badin. In Sindh, some 700,000 homes have been damaged and more than 1.7 million acres of crops are affected. The death toll from the floods is approaching 200.

As floodwaters rise, need for Emergency Clean-up Buckets increases

Church World Service is appealing to congregations throughout the nation for donations of 10,000 Emergency Clean-up Buckets for distribution to people affected by Hurricane Irene, from North Carolina to New England.

Situation report #2: Hurricane Irene

The focus of CWS's response to Hurricane Irene is on supporting recovery groups dealing with unmet needs in affected areas. CWS expects the response will have a wide geographic reach, with the agency assisting communities from the southern United States up to New England.

Situation report: Hurricane Irene

As the U.S. Eastern Seaboard braces for Hurricane Irene, CWS is prepositioning supplies in areas likely to be affected.

Situation report: Northern Pakistan floods

At least 16 people have died in an isolated area of Kohistan District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, from flash floods -- something of a repeat of floods that occurred in the same region a year ago. The death toll is expected to rise.

Situation report: Pakistan (Sindh) Storms

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan's Sindh province have submerged houses, destroyed crops and displaced thousands of families -- all in an area still recovering from last year's devastating floods.

Japan Disaster: CWS Emergency Appeal - Updated August 11, 2011

CWS has supported a broad group of partners in Japan, following the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, including those under the umbrella grouping Japan Platform. Non-governmental organizations, including CWS's partners on the ground, are providing food and basic services, but further support is needed to continue their work, reports Takeshi Komino, head of emergencies for CWS-Asia/Pacific.

CWS responding in drought-stricken areas of Kenya

It has been an achingly difficult year in the Eastern Horn of Africa - 2011 has been the driest period in the region since 1995, with the lowest level of rainfall in 60 years. As a result, food security has deteriorated for most households in all arid and semi-arid regions in Kenya and neighboring countries.

The how-to of disaster recovery

Hundreds of people affected by spring flooding or tornadoes have attended disaster recovery workshops led by CWS staff in Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina in recent weeks.

Situation report: Kenya drought response

2011 has been the driest period in the Eastern Horn of Africa since 1995, with reportedly the lowest level of rainfall in 60 years. As a result food security has deteriorated for most households in all arid and semi-arid regions in Kenya. CWS plans a response centered on the Mwingi and Kibwezi areas of Kenya, by providing emergency food relief, water tankering and long-term disaster risk reduction programs.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms - update

Tornadoes, storms and floods have caused extensive loss of life and massive amounts of damage across the United States from North Carolina to Oklahoma and from North Dakota to Alabama. CWS has shipped material supplies and is conducting trainings in response to the situation.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Missouri River System Floods

As we move into summer numerous communities have been devastated or impacted by severe storms and flooding throughout the Missouri River drainage area. CWS has worked with agencies in the affected areas in the past and will be considerably involved in the long-term recovery process in the damaged communities.

CWS flood response in Missouri: Debra Tarver

Donna Derr, director of development and humanitarian assistance for CWS, tells an audience at the Brookings Institution that the best defense is to develop plans that will help make us more risk averse.

CWS: reduce risk before disaster strikes

Donna Derr, director of development and humanitarian assistance for CWS, tells an audience at the Brookings Institution that the best defense is to develop plans that will help make us more risk averse.

CWS emergency appeal: Angola floods

Since January, Angola has been affected by heavy rainfall, landslides and flooding - part of a larger problem of floods that have affected the south-central African country during the last three years.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms - Update

At least 89 people have died in a tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., Sunday - the deadliest of 68 weekend tornadoes that affected seven states in a sweep from Oklahoma to Minnesota. Officials said the Joplin tornado may be the single deadliest tornado in the U.S. since 1953. The tornado left a mile-wide path of destruction through the center of the town and directly hit Joplin's main hospital, officials said.

Tragic fire isn't stopping church's commitment to help the world's hungry

The loss of an historic Mayfield, N.Y. church building this week to lightning and a devastating fire is not stopping a congregation's determination to help the world's hungry. A scheduled CROP Hunger Walk will continue this Sunday (May 1), despite Thursday's fire that destroyed the Mayfield Presbyterian Church, another of the tragic losses of this week's brutal multi-state assault of storms and tornadoes.

CWS situation report: Spring storms 2011 - updated April 28, 2011

More than 200 people have died in a series of destructive tornadoes, mostly in the South, that authorities describe as the worst-single stretch of tornadoes in more than four decades.

CWS: "Still humanitarian gaps in Japan relief"

Although overall relief efforts now are moving ahead as planned along the country's quake and tsunami-decimated northeast coast, CWS and its Japanese partners are working to fill gaps, providing food, water, health and medical services, hygiene items, clothing and fuel.

CWS situation report: Spring storms 2011 - updated April 21, 2011

Regions throughout the continental United States continue to be buffeted by a series of storms, tornadoes, floods and wildfires that have resulted in loss of life and severe damage to homes and property in the affected states. Over the past week, more than 400 straight line winds and tornadoes have hit communities across the south and Midwest. Federal, state and local officials still are assessing the full extent of the damage.

Japan: CWS at work

Evacuees continue to face numerous challenges, with limited or no access to emergency relief supplies or needed fuel amidst the bitter cold of winter and otherwise difficult conditions.

CWS emergency appeal: Support to people affected by the conflict in Libya

Violence resulting from the armed conflict between the Libyan military and opposition forces has caused more than 376,000 persons, mainly migrant workers, to flee Libya since February. The exodus has created a situation of dire need for families in Libya, Egypt and along the Tunisia-Libya border. ACT Alliance members are preparing to provide on-the-ground humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance, including humanitarian support for the most vulnerable people affected by the conflict.

Local Japanese agencies meeting needs where country's resources still overwhelmed

Nearly three weeks after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northeastern coast of Japan, the country's domestic resources alone aren't sufficient to deal with the disaster. CWS is working with local partners to coordinate emergency relief for about 25,000 individuals sheltered at 100 evacuation sites.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: CWS Emergency Appeal

As the need for immediate relief supplies increases following the recent disaster in Japan, CWS's response centers on emergency relief support to at least 5,000 families, about 25,000 individuals, now living at 100 evacuation sites in the northeastern area of the country.

CWS situation report - March 15: Japan earthquake and tsunami

Japan is dealing with multiple crises, including the increased threat of radiation exposure from several nuclear power plants. CWS plans to support response efforts by the Japan Platform, a coalition of 32 non-governmental organizations, government service agencies and media outlets, with CWS providing support and channeling contributions to individual members of the Japan Platform.

CWS situation report - March 13: Japan earthquake and tsunami

Rescue efforts continue in Japan following the March 11 tsunami and earthquake that in recent days has taken another potentially deadly turn as the country tries to deal with a growing nuclear crisis.

Working for peace in Uganda

As voters in Uganda prepare for a contentious general election, CWS has worked extensively to provide community leaders with training in peace building and ways to resolve conflicts without violence.

Emergencies mean a busy beginning to 2011

The year 2011 has, thankfully, begun without a major disaster. But CWS is nonetheless responding to several serious events, including disasters in Brazil, Sri Lanka, West Africa and the U.S.

CWS emergency appeal: Brazil floods and landslides

The death toll from landslides and flooding last month in Brazil has risen to 840, making it the second-worst disaster in Brazil's recorded history, officials said. More than 20,000 were made homeless from the floods and landslides, which occurred in a mountainous region near Rio de Janeiro. The area -- the Serrana region -- was hit with the equivalent of a month's rain in a 24-hour period, authorities said.

Emergency Appeal: Sri Lanka Flooding

A food crisis looms for Sri Lanka following recent devastating floods. As many as 350,000 persons have had to flee to displacement camps, and damage to farms could leave some 1 million people without adequate food.

Emergency Appeal: Liberia/Ivory Coast refugees humanitarian crisis

The current political crisis in Cote d'Ivoire is affecting a number of the country's neighbors, including Liberia. Between 30,000 and 50,000 Cote d'Ivoire refugees, as well as 25,000 Liberians living in Cote d'Ivoire, have entered or returned to Liberia recently, creating pressures for Liberian authorities and for host communities that have little ability to absorb them.

Pakistan earthquake: CWS situation report

A 7.2 earthquake has hit a remote area of southwestern Pakistan. Today's quake was centered in Baluchistan, Pakistan's most sparsely populated area, according to the US Geological Service.

Southern Sudan: 'We want our children's future to be different'

Women and men in Southern Sudan have enthusiastically registered to vote in a January referendum on whether their war-torn land will split off from the north of the country.

Indonesia: Out of the ashes, CWS helps Merapi communities 'start over'

Reti, a mother of two, fled her home moments after feeling the earth-rattling rumble of the erupting volcano beneath her house, spewing smoke, ash and stone for miles.

CWS partner receives Award of Excellence

Ellenor Simmons, director of the Crescent Alliance Recovery Effort (CARE), a long-term recovery initiative of the United Way for Greater New Orleans and a CWS partner, received an Award of Excellence at the NCC/CWS Ecumenical Centennial Gathering in November for her work following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Health, shelter and food security: A Pakistan update from CWS Health Specialist Dr. Qamar Zaman

CWS's Chris Herlinger, who reported from Pakistan in September, recently interviewed CWS Health Specialist Dr. Qamar Zaman, based in Mansehra, Pakistan, about the current humanitarian situation in Pakistan and about new aspects of the CWS response.

CWS emergency response: 2010 Mentawai (Indonesia) earthquake/tsunami

A 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck the Mentawai Islands off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, October 25. The quake's epicenter pushed tsunami waves of up to 4 meters (12 feet) into the southern part of Mentawai Islands, driving sea water more than a quarter mile inland in spots. A number of aftershocks measuring 5.0 or more registered in the hours immediately following the first quake.

Haiti: Addressing urgent needs and supporting long-term recovery

As if Haiti did not have enough to deal with already, the earthquake-hit nation was dealt another blow with the arrival earlier this month of Hurricane Tomas. While Haiti was spared the agony of a huge disaster, Tomas did affect an area where CWS is working in northwestern Haiti.

CWS situation report: Addressing needs in northwest Haiti

Assessments continue on long-term needs in northwest Haiti following last week's Hurricane Tomas. "We've addressed the immediate-term needs with tarps and kits, and the medium-term needs with food," said CWS Haiti Program Coordinator Aaron Tate, who was in Haiti during last week's storms. "Now we're assessing what else is needed and what we can do."

CWS situation report: Hurricane Tomas and Haiti

As Tomas re-intensified from a tropical storm into a hurricane Friday CWS staff and partners in Port-au-Prince report rising water levels in South and South East Jacmel Departments. Driving winds of 85-mph have already damaged banana plantations, and the storms forced evacuations among the 1.3 million people displaced by January's landmark earthquake.

Tomas threatens half a million in Haiti

As Haiti braces itself for heavy rains, storm surges and flooding the length of the country, ACT Alliance members are evacuating people from the camps they have called home since the January earthquake. The brunt of the storm may be felt on the south coast, and more than half a million people may be forced to seek safety elsewhere, says the international aid network.

CWS pre-positions storm aid as Tomas threatens Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Humanitarian agency Church World Service is making plans for a response in Haiti and the Dominican Republic if Tropical Storm Tomas hits the island of Hispaniola.

As winter looms, Pakistani flood survivors risk exposure and hunger

You needn't go far to discover how long-standing problems and immediate and long-term challenges are converging in northern Pakistan. Not many weeks ago, the prospect of approaching winter was already on people's minds in the mountainous northwest region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, formerly known as the North-West Frontier Province. This is an area that faced the challenges and difficulties of winter after the calamitous 2005 earthquake. Now it must do the same after the recent disastrous floods.

CWS situation report: Indonesia earthquake/tsunami and volcanic eruption

Search and rescue workers continue to search for missing persons and to evacuate bodies from the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia, which were hit by 3-meter-high tsunami waves on Tuesday (Oct. 26).

CWS emergency appeal: South Sudan emergency preparedness

Under the terms of a 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, a referendum on the future of South Sudan and its self-determination is scheduled to be held Jan. 9, 2011. However, there are signs that controversies surrounding the referendum could spark new conflict in Sudan. In anticipation of possible turbulence in 2011, CWS is supporting efforts of ACT Alliance members in Sudan who are preparing for potential emergencies.

Indonesia: Relief from the heat of Mt. Merapi

Thirty injured survivors of the eruption of Mt. Merapi, Indonesias most volatile volcano, are being treated at four nearby hospitals, one of them run by ACT Alliance member Yakkum Emergency Unit. The CWS-supported ACT Alliance is also swiftly setting up shelters for people fleeing the heat, dust and lava of Mt. Merapi, 20 miles north of Yogyakarta, which erupted yesterday. Several thousand people have fled their homes for safety.

CWS situation report: Indonesia earthquake/tsunami and volcanic eruption

Indonesia is dealing with two disasters: a powerful earthquake that triggered a tsunami that killed at least 340 people, with the death toll rising, and a volcanic eruption that has prompted displacement of hundreds.

CWS situation report: Pakistan 2010 floods

This, the last week of October, marks three months since the beginning of devastating floods that inundated many parts of Pakistan. As CWS staff in Pakistan note in a statement today: "The loss remains incomprehensible, especially for those who repeatedly witnessed a series of hardships over the past decade, including other floods, earthquakes and civil conflict."

CWS-supported efforts are responding to cholera outbreak in Haiti

CWS-supported efforts are helping to prevent the spread of the cholera outbreak identified in the Artibonite and Central departments, or provinces, of Haiti late last week. Preventive measures are being taken in project areas where CWS-supported work is underway in order to prevent the infection spreading around the country and particularly to the capital Port-au-Prince and other metropolitan areas.

Haiti: A deeper definition of beauty

Last month, Jeannine Adelphin arrived at a meeting in Port-au-Prince wearing a simple plastic tiara and her usual radiant smile. The previous night she had been crowned Miss Disabled Haiti 2010 on national live TV.

As world attention shifts, CWS continues recovery work in Pakistan

The floods that hit Pakistan in recent months seemed poised to be a neglected emergency by the rest of the world. That would be tragic -- because the floods have exacerbated long-standing social problems in one of the world's most fragile countries, say humanitarian workers responding to emergency.

CWS situation report: Tropical Storm Matthew

Tropical Storm Matthew has dissipated but rains, flooding and mudslides remain in the storms wake, affecting thousands across Central America. The storm follows persistent rains that had already swelled streams and rivers, flooded crops and sent thousands into temporary shelters.

Updated CWS emergency appeal: 2010 U.S. summer emergencies

Several states in the Midwest -- including Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin -- are experiencing severe flooding, continuing what has been a spring and summer of serious floods problems. Parts of the Mississippi River are expected to surge in coming days, and the governors of Minnesota and Wisconsin have declared states of emergency in several affected counties. Other states that have been affected by floods in recent months include Kentucky and Missouri.

Revised CWS emergency appeal: Pakistan 2010 floods

Church World Service continues its response to devastating floods in Pakistan, which have affected the lives of some 20 million people.

Pakistan: The lost meaning of hope

"What hope do you have for the future?" I asked. Fifty-three-year-old Khaista Khan of Badalai near Madyan in Swat, who had conducted himself with remarkable fortitude until then, broke down. Holding his face in his hands with great courage he fought back the tears. "I don't even know what hope means anymore," he said finally.

Pakistan: A family tries its best to recover

How does a family regain its footing after it loses everything? As flood waters recede, that is a question being asked millions of times over as Pakistanis begin the painful steps of reclaiming their lives following a month of grim disruption, loss, and trauma.

CWS providing basics for Pakistan's flood survivors

With its steep valleys and isolated villages, the northern Pakistani district of Kohistan is a tough, hardscrabble place, and already residents coping with Pakistan's recent devastating floods are worried about the coming winter.

Rural Haiti: The issue is food

It was nearing the end of another hot, sunny day near Petite Riviere in the northern department, or province, of Artibonite, and Arnold Alcimé stood on his two-acre plot of land and shook his head in frustration.

Five years after Hurricane Katrina

As New Orleans and the Gulf Coast prepare to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, those who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the most vulnerable assert that much of the progress made so far could not have been accomplished without the support of the U.S. faith community and of humanitarian agencies like Church World Service.

Pakistan: Providing assistance to 100,000 people

How much more can Pakistan take? That is one of the questions farmer Sawan Khan and other disaster survivors are asking in the wake of the worst flooding in Pakistan's history - a disaster that has prompted a large-scale response of food, shelter materials and medical assistance from Church World Service.

Haiti: New opportunities for a resilient people

SERVICE asked several in the CWS and ecumenical family either working in Haiti or having visited Haiti since the Jan. 12 earthquake to respond to a question about next steps: What needs to happen next in Haiti for the country to recover from both the immediate disaster and the earlier, deeper structural problems that hobbled the country for years?

Slow world donor response threatens a generation in Pakistan, says CWS

Church World Service officials urged a more robust response from the international donor community to Pakistan's devastating flooding disaster. The global relief and development agency voiced even deeper worries over whether or not pledges will be fulfilled.

Expanded CWS appeal: 2010 Haiti earthquake

More than seven months after Haiti's devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, CWS continues its relief and rehabilitation activities, with an ongoing focus on responding to the needs of Haiti's most vulnerable citizens.

A cycle of loss and destruction is testing Pakistan's resilience

Of the current situation in Pakistan, Pakistan-based staff members of Church World Service offer the following reflection: In the five years since the 2005 earthquake devastated parts of Pakistan, not one year has gone by in which the people of Pakistan have not suffered from disaster. The years 2006 and 2007 brought floods; although not even close to the destruction brought by this year's floods, people still lost their lives, homes, crops and livestock.

CWS situation report: Pakistan 2010 floods

The death toll from Pakistan's floods has risen to 1,400, with the situation worsening as raging river waters move from the northwest part of the country to the Punjab - the nation's agricultural heartland - and to Sindh, Reuters' AlertNet reported. Hundreds of villages have been submerged; at least 1.5 million have been displaced and that number is expected to increase. In all, more than 3.2 million people are in some way affected by the flooding.

Pakistan floods: Church World Service delivers aid amid massive obstacles

With more than 3.2 million displaced or affected by monsoon rains and the worst flooding in north Pakistan in nearly a century, global humanitarian agency Church World Service reports that its aid workers in the region are continuing their initial response, providing food packages, shelter materials and non-food supplies. In addition, one mobile health unit has been dispatched so far, delivering emergency health services in Balakot.

CWS response in Pakistan during deadly monsoon season includes food distribution

For millions of Pakistanis, floods during monsoon season are nothing new. But the scale and magnitude of this year's floods are far greater, resulting in tragic and deadly results, reports Pakistan-based staff of global humanitarian organization Church World Service.

CWS situation report: Pakistan flooding

Since July 21, widespread and unusually heavy monsoon rains have hit most parts of Pakistan; further torrential rain is forecast over the coming days. Among the areas affected are Punjab province and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, formerly known as the North West Frontier Province. CWS is distributing food packages and shelter material (plastic sheets) for flood affected families of in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. CWS has also put into action a mobile health unit to provide emergency health assistance in Mansehra. More mobile health units will soon cover areas such as Kohistan, Swat and Balakot.

The long road to recovery in Haiti: Some close-ups

In northern Haiti, members of a community-based group began a feeding program for those displaced by the January 12 earthquake. In the southern coastal city of Jacmel, a group of disaster survivors banded together and moved onto the grounds of a local church. And in Port-au-Prince, a woman who gave birth to her infant son twelve days after the quake wondered what she would do next.

MEDIA ALERT: Haitian civil society leaders discuss post-earthquake reconstruction on Capitol Hill and at interfaith breakfast

In advance of tomorrow's (July 27) Congressional Black Caucus hearing on Haiti with USAID and Haitian leaders, hearing panelists representing Haitian civil society and the Haitian diaspora will gather in Washington for an interfaith breakfast from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and to speak with media about their concerns. Phone-in will be available for those not able to attend in person.

Haiti: To praise the government or pass judgment?

When should humanitarian groups publicly criticize governments and when should they stay quiet? It is a question that has bedeviled humanitarian groups in recent years (think of Darfur, for example) and it is now being asked in Haiti, and among ACT Alliance members, in the recent commemoration of the six-month anniversary of the January 12 earthquake.

CWS situation report: Brazil flooding

Heavy tropical rains have caused flooding in northeastern Brazil, severely affecting rural areas in the states of Pernambuco and Alagoas. The flooding has caused severe damage to more than 100 communities. CWS will support ACT Alliance partner efforts in the affected areas.

CWS emergency appeal: Relief for conflict-affected persons in Kyrgyzstan

Political unrest turned to violence in the Fergana valley region of Kyrgyzstan in June, where more than 400,000 ethnic Uzbeks fled what appeared to be highly-orchestrated attacks. As many return, some are finding destroyed homes and shops. Through the ACT Alliance, CWS is helping to provide emergency food and non-food items to some 25,600 conflict-affected households.

CWS situation report: Central Asia humanitarian crisis

Ethnic Uzbeks, fearing renewed raids by Kyrgyz security forces, have blockaded themselves into parts of the city of Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Reuter's AlertNet reported today.Some 2,000 people have perished in clashes in recent weeks and the United Nations estimates that 400,000 ethnic Uzbeks have fled their homes. Church World Service is supporting efforts of fellow ACT Alliance members, including food and non-food item assistance, with an emphasis on relying on an established network of local farmers and suppliers to assist the displaced.

CWS emergency appeal: 2010 Guatemala floods

Tropical Storm Agatha killed at least 174 people in Guatemala, while more than 162,000 had to be evacuated from homes and communities. Church World Service is supporting efforts of partners to provide assistance to families in 41 communities.

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