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Hurricane Sandy: Assisting survivors in New Jersey

Although always devastating, at least hurricanes usually hit in summer, bringing warm air behind them not cold, as Hurricane Sandy did. In the Northeast, that means tens of thousands of people freezing cold in homes still without lights or heat, and thousands more seeking refuge in shelters.

Hurricane Sandy: Caribbean Emergency Appeal

At least 69 people were killed in the Caribbean by Hurricane Sandy before it made landfall in the United States earlier this week. Haiti and Cuba were both particularly hard-hit, with at least 54 people alone dying in Haiti, the BBC reported.

Hurricane Isaac: CWS Emergency Situation Report

Hurricane Isaac made landfall on August 28 and continues to produce drenching rains that are expected to cause significant inland flooding. While damage assessments cannot start until the storm moves past the coast, CWS Emergency Response Specialists are working with state, regional and national agencies to determine where help is needed.

CWS emergency situation report: Cuba cholera

Cuba's Public Ministry has reported 158 cases of cholera, most in Manzanillo, a city located in Granma Province, located in southeast Cuba. Isolated cases have been diagnosed in other regions of the country.

CWS sending supplies to help families affected by Oklahoma wildfires

Church World Service is sending 300 hygiene kits to Oklahoma to help people fleeing summer wildfires that have burned more than 100,000 acres in the midst of a severe drought.

CWS responds to hunger in Africa as hunger summit begins in London

For more than a year, Church World Service has been responding to needs in the Horn of Africa; in addition, it now is responding to an increasingly worrisome humanitarian emergency in the Sahel, a vast African region south of the Sahara desert. Maurice A. Bloem, CWS's deputy director and head of programs, discusses his recent humanitarian trip to Burkina Faso.

CWS emergency appeal: Angola returnees

Due to Angola's 1975-2002 civil war, large numbers of Angolans fled the country, seeking safety in neighboring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Others fled the country in 1961 at the time of de-colonization (from Portugal) and stayed across borders for more than 40 years.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms December 2011 update

Severe storms, floods and tornadoes devastated large areas of the United States in April, May and June 2011. The list of states with significant damage from flooding includes Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Texas wildfires update

Several communities in East Central Texas have been severely impacted by the September and October wildfires. In Bastrop County alone fires destroyed 1,700 homes of which approximately half were not insured. Additionally four churches were destroyed.

CWS situation report: Angola floods

Floods near the Angolan border with the Democratic Republic of Congo are causing severe problems to residents and to recent Angolan returnees who have recently returned to their country from the DRC.

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