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Tears: Excerpts from an RSC/Nairobi caseworker's journal

A mother and three small children shuffle into my room. Her story is typical of this group of Somali refugees militia attacked her home, shot her father, and beat her mother with the butts of their guns. She fled and in the chaos, was separated from her mother and brother. She walked with her sister to the border, entered Kenya in 1992 and moved to the refugee camp, where she's lived ever since.

As a new year begins, "there is still plenty to be concerned about"

A recent study funded by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation noted a remarkable global shift over the last few decades. Progress is being made in many areas of global health and in life expectancies overall while rates of HIV and malaria are falling. But, as the global community takes stock of this year and the new one beginning, there are still areas of serious concern.

Hurricane Sandy: Assisting survivors in New Jersey

Although always devastating, at least hurricanes usually hit in summer, bringing warm air behind them not cold, as Hurricane Sandy did. In the Northeast, that means tens of thousands of people freezing cold in homes still without lights or heat, and thousands more seeking refuge in shelters.

Hurricane Sandy: Caribbean Emergency Appeal

At least 69 people were killed in the Caribbean by Hurricane Sandy before it made landfall in the United States earlier this week. Haiti and Cuba were both particularly hard-hit, with at least 54 people alone dying in Haiti, the BBC reported.

CWS resettles 5,871 refugees in FY 2012, also serves 8,389 Cuban entrants

In FY 2012 (Oct. 1, 2011-Sept. 30, 2012), Church World Service resettled 5,871 refugees toward a U.S. Refugee Admissions Program total of 58,238.

Hurricane Isaac: CWS Emergency Situation Report

Hurricane Isaac made landfall on August 28 and continues to produce drenching rains that are expected to cause significant inland flooding. While damage assessments cannot start until the storm moves past the coast, CWS Emergency Response Specialists are working with state, regional and national agencies to determine where help is needed.

Solar energy lighting homes to brighter futures

At sunset, Mr. Hezekiah Musemi happily milks his cow outside his compound using a solar lamp that he purchased from one of the CWS youth solar entrepreneurs. The lamp is hung on the wall and seated calmly on a stool, Hezekiah milks his cow while whistling away

CWS emergency situation report: Cuba cholera

Cuba's Public Ministry has reported 158 cases of cholera, most in Manzanillo, a city located in Granma Province, located in southeast Cuba. Isolated cases have been diagnosed in other regions of the country.

CWS immigration legal professionals offer "DREAMers" free help applying for relief from deportation (deferred action)

Beginning on August 15, undocumented young people who came to the United States as children and meet certain conditions will be able to apply for relief from the threat of deportation. Church World Service (CWS) immigration legal services professionals are helping potential beneficiaries understand the many requirements of the new "deferred action for childhood arrivals" and to apply.

CWS sending supplies to help families affected by Oklahoma wildfires

Church World Service is sending 300 hygiene kits to Oklahoma to help people fleeing summer wildfires that have burned more than 100,000 acres in the midst of a severe drought.

CWS responds to hunger in Africa as hunger summit begins in London

For more than a year, Church World Service has been responding to needs in the Horn of Africa; in addition, it now is responding to an increasingly worrisome humanitarian emergency in the Sahel, a vast African region south of the Sahara desert. Maurice A. Bloem, CWS's deputy director and head of programs, discusses his recent humanitarian trip to Burkina Faso.

From Bhutan to Lancaster, Pa.: Chanda and Tika's refugee journey

Growing up in a refugee camp in Nepal, Chanda Timsina had heard of California and New York but not Lancaster, Pa.! Among the very first refugees from Bhutan to come to the United States in 2009, Chanda quickly perceived that most people in Lancaster hadn't heard of Bhutan or Nepal, either.

'Visionaries' documenting CWS refugee resettlement and development work

'Visionaries' - an independently produced program that airs on many PBS-TV stations - will kick off its 18th season in November by profiling Church World Service in a two-part series featuring the agency's refugee resettlement and development work.

How welcoming are we? Realities of Christian hospitality and U.S. migration policies

Hospitality, as depicted in shared sacred texts, is referred to in terms of welcoming the stranger. When we welcome others into our homes, at our tables and into our lives, we are practicing the hospitality of Abraham - the hospitality at the core of our traditions that allows the impossible to happen and gives us hope.

A new home for case processing and cultural orientation in Nairobi

On July 20, CWS began a new chapter in its more than 20 years helping African refugees access the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program with the opening of the new offices of the CWS-operated Resettlement Support Center Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya.

'The power of love has held us together!' - Rhems UMC welcomes refugees

The small, rural congregation of Rhems United Methodist Church has shared the joys and sorrows of numerous refugees resettled to New Bern, N.C. - and has been transformed in the process.

CWS event to commemorate first annual John Backer award

On October 25, 2012, CWS will present the 1st annual John Backer award to a person exemplifying long-time volunteer and employee John Backer's 60+ years of dedication to the IRP program at CWS.

Nairobi 'Choose Peace!' concert and conference set for International Youth Day

Rising Kenyan performing artists rapper Juliani of the Kama Si Sisi social initiative and vocalist Avril (Judith Nyambura Mwangi) will join other artists and Kenyan dignitaries at a youth-led International Youth Day "Choose Peace!" Concert in Nairobi, Sunday August 12, followed by an International Youth Day conference August 13-15.

CWS emergency appeal: Angola returnees

Due to Angola's 1975-2002 civil war, large numbers of Angolans fled the country, seeking safety in neighboring countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. Others fled the country in 1961 at the time of de-colonization (from Portugal) and stayed across borders for more than 40 years.

Workshops to help New York communities recover from last year's devastating storms

Nearly a year after Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee struck the Northeast, the costs of cleaning up are estimated at more than $1.6 billion in New York State alone.

Humanitarian walking 100 miles for SoCal, global hunger

This week, CWS's Maurice A. Bloem is walking 100 miles for the world's most vulnerable - and joining with volunteers across Southern California in CROP Hunger Walks along the way.

Lives (re)born: Rosie and John, Lai Chin refugees from Burma ... and baby Krista!

Rosie is a refugee who arrived in Sacramento, Calif., from Burma in October 2011. Originally from the Chin State area in Western Burma, she is part of the ethnic Lai Chin, a predominantly Christian population and one of the largest Burmese refugee groups.

In Haiti, the power of konbit honored along with those lost

The second anniversary of Haiti's tragic earthquake is first a time to honor those who died and extend compassion to their loved ones, not simply to turn critical eyes to what hasn't been done, says the head of humanitarian agency Church World Service.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms December 2011 update

Severe storms, floods and tornadoes devastated large areas of the United States in April, May and June 2011. The list of states with significant damage from flooding includes Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Texas wildfires update

Several communities in East Central Texas have been severely impacted by the September and October wildfires. In Bastrop County alone fires destroyed 1,700 homes of which approximately half were not insured. Additionally four churches were destroyed.

CWS situation report: Angola floods

Floods near the Angolan border with the Democratic Republic of Congo are causing severe problems to residents and to recent Angolan returnees who have recently returned to their country from the DRC.

Farm workers prepare for hurricane threat

When the Atlantic hurricane season ends on Nov. 30, the farm workers of Pierson, Fla., will have more than one reason to celebrate. Not only did the hurricanes stay away this year. Last month, farm workers opened a Community Disaster Center in Pierson to prepare for the next devastating storm, whenever it comes.

Church World Service, interfaith groups plan Nov. 20 budget Super Vigil in Washington

As U.S. Super Committee lawmakers grind down to a November 23 deadline to slash $1.2 trillion from the federal budget, CWS will be among a gathering of the nation's interfaith leaders in Washington for a November 20 Super Vigil pressing for a budget that preserves what is viewed as vital domestic and international assistance funding.

CWS's McCullough, interfaith leaders will urge Senate to save foreign assistance funds

The head of global humanitarian agency Church World Service the Rev. John McCullough will be among a group of U.S. interfaith leaders at a Washington press conference this Wednesday, voicing support for robust funding for humanitarian and poverty-focused foreign assistance.

CWS situation report: Thailand flooding

As noted in the Oct. 11 situation report, Cambodia is experiencing the worst flooding in more than a decade due to typhoons and greater-than-average rainfall. Floods are also seriously affecting neighboring Thailand.

Washington Conference and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Focus on Dominican Republic Denationalization Policy

As rising numbers of Dominican citizens of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic are having their nationality revoked by the Dominican government, an international coalition of leading human rights groups announced plans today to examine the legality of those actions and the impacts on people who have lost their nationality rights, in a one-day conference in Washington, D.C., and a surrounding week of dialogue with Dominican advocates, U.S. administration, Congress and other policymakers.

CWS situation report: Cambodia flooding

Cambodia is experiencing the worst flooding in more than a decade due to typhoons and greater-than-average rainfall. The Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers are overflowing and 17 of Cambodia's 24 provinces are affected by the severe flooding.

CWS emergency appeal update: East Africa drought

The East African drought continues to deepen, and an estimated 13.2 million people are now in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. Two years of failed rains have produced the most severe drought in the region since 1950.

Hundreds of U.S. faith communities to observe DREAM Sabbath

Through October 9, hundreds of faith communities across the United States will be holding DREAM Sabbath events in support of the DREAM Act, a bipartisan bill that would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented youth brought here as children who have graduated from high school or obtained a GED and continued on to college or joined the military. Church World Service through its Immigration and Refugee Program is an active advocate for the DREAM Act.

Initial emergency appeal: Pakistan (Sindh) flooding

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan are causing widespread damage, particularly in the southern province of Sindh. The death toll from the floods is approaching 200 and some 5 million residents of Sindh are affected. As part of a coordinated response by members of the ACT Alliance, CWS is providing food and non-food items, shelter kits, hygiene kits and health services.

Uncertainty grips Pakistan's flood survivors

Severe flooding in Pakistan has made thousands homeless and damaged crops.  Church World Service is providing food, shelter and medical care. With floodwaters drawing closer in and destroying crops, families in Umerkot District took refuge along roadsides and on higher ground while some are still trying to evacuate from their villages, a journey that can turn dangerous.

Situation report: Kenya pipeline explosion

A gasoline pipeline explosion early last week (Monday, Sept. 12) in the Sinai district of Nairobi, Kenya, killed at least 96 persons, prompting renewed worries about the vulnerabilities of poor communities to hazards like unsafe pipelines. An initial assessment by CWS and other members of the ACT Alliance Kenya Forum indicated an immediate need by survivors for blankets, utensils, tents and for psycho-social support. CWS expects to provide some assistance to survivors of this disaster.

CWS situation report: Pakistan (Sindh) flooding

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan continue to cause widespread damage, particularly in the southern Sindh province. Some 5 million people in the province have been affected, with more than half of them living in the districts of Khairpur and Badin. In Sindh, some 700,000 homes have been damaged and more than 1.7 million acres of crops are affected. The death toll from the floods is approaching 200.

Church World Service and 9/11

The fact that Church World Service regularly responds to disasters throughout the world made it no less shocking for staff at the New York headquarters to see the smoke billowing to the south on 9/11. In the days and months that followed, Church World Service led an effort to help faith communities respond to the grief and emotional and spiritual trauma caused by the attacks.

As floodwaters rise, need for Emergency Clean-up Buckets increases

Church World Service is appealing to congregations throughout the nation for donations of 10,000 Emergency Clean-up Buckets for distribution to people affected by Hurricane Irene, from North Carolina to New England.

Situation report #2: Hurricane Irene

The focus of CWS's response to Hurricane Irene is on supporting recovery groups dealing with unmet needs in affected areas. CWS expects the response will have a wide geographic reach, with the agency assisting communities from the southern United States up to New England.

Situation report: Hurricane Irene

As the U.S. Eastern Seaboard braces for Hurricane Irene, CWS is prepositioning supplies in areas likely to be affected.

World's water issues: Just add faith-based values

World and country leaders, water experts and advocates are recognizing the vital values and ethics that faith-based organizations bring to the frontlines of global water and climate change challenges, says David Weaver, Church World Service Senior Advisor for Global Advocacy.

Situation report: Northern Pakistan floods

At least 16 people have died in an isolated area of Kohistan District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, from flash floods -- something of a repeat of floods that occurred in the same region a year ago. The death toll is expected to rise.

Situation report: Pakistan (Sindh) Storms

Heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan's Sindh province have submerged houses, destroyed crops and displaced thousands of families -- all in an area still recovering from last year's devastating floods.

Japan Disaster: CWS Emergency Appeal - Updated August 11, 2011

CWS has supported a broad group of partners in Japan, following the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, including those under the umbrella grouping Japan Platform. Non-governmental organizations, including CWS's partners on the ground, are providing food and basic services, but further support is needed to continue their work, reports Takeshi Komino, head of emergencies for CWS-Asia/Pacific.

Church World Service, interfaith coalition leaders relentless to save funding for poor

Following Sunday evening's agreement in Congress to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, humanitarian agency Church World Service and other members of a coalition of American interfaith leaders are determined to keep up the pace of their current national advocacy campaign, calling for a solution to the United States fiscal crisis that doesn't balance the budget on the backs of the poor.

CWS responding in drought-stricken areas of Kenya

It has been an achingly difficult year in the Eastern Horn of Africa - 2011 has been the driest period in the region since 1995, with the lowest level of rainfall in 60 years. As a result, food security has deteriorated for most households in all arid and semi-arid regions in Kenya and neighboring countries.

John Backer: 61 years (and counting) of helping refugees

Born in the U.S. to German immigrant parents, John Backer has spent more than six decades helping CWS resettle refugees. Backer has seen the world of refugee resettlement change, from meeting ships sailing past the Statue of Liberty into Manhattan to meeting families at modern airports. One thing that hasn't changed is Backer's commitment to making a better world. See him tell his story.

The how-to of disaster recovery

Hundreds of people affected by spring flooding or tornadoes have attended disaster recovery workshops led by CWS staff in Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina in recent weeks.

Additional trainings will help volunteers, groups enhance assistance to tornado survivors

Two free, daylong long-term recovery training seminars, July 19 and 20, in Springfield and Southbridge, Mass are being organized in collaboration with FEMA to equip individuals, communities, groups and churches who wish to help, or are already assisting, the most vulnerable survivors of the recent Massachusetts tornadoes.

Situation report: Kenya drought response

2011 has been the driest period in the Eastern Horn of Africa since 1995, with reportedly the lowest level of rainfall in 60 years. As a result food security has deteriorated for most households in all arid and semi-arid regions in Kenya. CWS plans a response centered on the Mwingi and Kibwezi areas of Kenya, by providing emergency food relief, water tankering and long-term disaster risk reduction programs.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms - update

Tornadoes, storms and floods have caused extensive loss of life and massive amounts of damage across the United States from North Carolina to Oklahoma and from North Dakota to Alabama. CWS has shipped material supplies and is conducting trainings in response to the situation.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Missouri River System Floods

As we move into summer numerous communities have been devastated or impacted by severe storms and flooding throughout the Missouri River drainage area. CWS has worked with agencies in the affected areas in the past and will be considerably involved in the long-term recovery process in the damaged communities.

CWS flood response in Missouri: Debra Tarver

Donna Derr, director of development and humanitarian assistance for CWS, tells an audience at the Brookings Institution that the best defense is to develop plans that will help make us more risk averse.

Alabama and Tennessee July long-term recovery trainings to help most vulnerable tornado survivors

As part of its response to record floods, tornadoes and storms that have plagued the U.S. heartland this spring, CWS today said it will conduct a series of July training seminars, "Recovery Tools and Training" in Alabama and Tennessee for individuals, communities, groups and churches wanting to establish long-term recovery organizations to help the most vulnerable people impacted by the disasters.

CWS: reduce risk before disaster strikes

Donna Derr, director of development and humanitarian assistance for CWS, tells an audience at the Brookings Institution that the best defense is to develop plans that will help make us more risk averse.

CWS emergency appeal: Angola floods

Since January, Angola has been affected by heavy rainfall, landslides and flooding - part of a larger problem of floods that have affected the south-central African country during the last three years.

CWS emergency appeal: 2011 Spring storms - Update

At least 89 people have died in a tornado that hit Joplin, Mo., Sunday - the deadliest of 68 weekend tornadoes that affected seven states in a sweep from Oklahoma to Minnesota. Officials said the Joplin tornado may be the single deadliest tornado in the U.S. since 1953. The tornado left a mile-wide path of destruction through the center of the town and directly hit Joplin's main hospital, officials said.

Security awareness comes down to planning: chaos contained, in Haiti

I always knew security was important but an assignment in Haiti in January 2010 following the devastating earthquake reconfirmed that.

CWS/ACT Security Awareness Week: 'Protecting Those Who Save Lives'

CWS/ACT Security Awareness Week is meant "to reinforce the idea that good security management enables our staff and partners to work safely and securely in both stable and unstable environments," said CWS Executive Director and CEO John McCullough.

Developing a security culture in Sri Lanka

It can take a crisis to reveal gaps in organizational priorities. And when gaps are revealed, organizations sometimes find they cannot immediately address them due to a lack of internal knowledge and capacity. As a humanitarian worker with a local Sri Lankan organization, Amanthi knows this reality far too well.

Tragic fire isn't stopping church's commitment to help the world's hungry

The loss of an historic Mayfield, N.Y. church building this week to lightning and a devastating fire is not stopping a congregation's determination to help the world's hungry. A scheduled CROP Hunger Walk will continue this Sunday (May 1), despite Thursday's fire that destroyed the Mayfield Presbyterian Church, another of the tragic losses of this week's brutal multi-state assault of storms and tornadoes.

CWS situation report: Spring storms 2011 - updated April 28, 2011

More than 200 people have died in a series of destructive tornadoes, mostly in the South, that authorities describe as the worst-single stretch of tornadoes in more than four decades.

CWS: "Still humanitarian gaps in Japan relief"

Although overall relief efforts now are moving ahead as planned along the country's quake and tsunami-decimated northeast coast, CWS and its Japanese partners are working to fill gaps, providing food, water, health and medical services, hygiene items, clothing and fuel.

In Haiti, Holy Week 'is a symbol of going from bad to good'

It's Holy Week in Haiti - a time for prayer, reflection, taking stock and looking ahead. The quiet and calm of the week are welcome. Following the commemoration of the first anniversary of the January 2010 earthquake three months ago and the recent presidential elections, a respite is probably needed.

CWS situation report: Spring storms 2011 - updated April 21, 2011

Regions throughout the continental United States continue to be buffeted by a series of storms, tornadoes, floods and wildfires that have resulted in loss of life and severe damage to homes and property in the affected states. Over the past week, more than 400 straight line winds and tornadoes have hit communities across the south and Midwest. Federal, state and local officials still are assessing the full extent of the damage.

CWS relieved at 2011 U.S. funding 'saves' but warns of 2012 aid cuts disaster

CWS appreciates President Obama's commitment to reduce the federal budget in ways that preserve America's historical commitment to the most vulnerable among us. However, concerns remain over the looming 2012 budget battle and the possibility that a 30 percent cut in humanitarian and poverty-focused foreign aid is proposed for the next fiscal year.

Local Japanese agencies meeting needs where country's resources still overwhelmed

Nearly three weeks after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northeastern coast of Japan, the country's domestic resources alone aren't sufficient to deal with the disaster. CWS is working with local partners to coordinate emergency relief for about 25,000 individuals sheltered at 100 evacuation sites.

Spectrum of Haitian and U.S. groups join forces for March 30 Haiti Advocacy Day

With the outcome of Haiti's runoff elections still in the air, more than 50 visiting members of Haitian grassroots and civil society organizations, Haitian Diaspora leaders, and representatives of humanitarian agency Church World Service and other international organizations will join forces for a Haiti Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill on March 30.

Japan Disaster: Updated CWS Emergency Appeal

Due to the magnitude of the disaster in Japan, it is evident that the country's domestic resources will not be enough and they really do need outside assistance. CWS's response continues to center on emergency relief support to at least 5,000 families living at evacuation sites in the northeastern part of the country.

Advocacy gathering aims to inspire participants to speak out

More than 700 policy and advocacy experts, theologians, congressional aides, faith leaders and grassroots activists are gathering today in Arlington, Va., for Ecumenical Advocacy Days. Participants will be trained to become active around a variety of issues from global access to clean water to childhood nutrition and will meet with policymakers on Capitol Hill on Monday (Mar. 28).

Asian film festival honors CWS-supported Pakistani "Burning Paradise" documentary

Global humanitarian agency Church World Service and its Pakistan partner, media production company the Interactive Resource Center (IRC), today paid tribute to gifted young Pakistani filmmaker Nisar Ahmed for his direction of the documentary "Burning Paradise," awarded a special jury mention in India's Alpaviram 2011 South Asian Short and Documentary Film Festival.

Women, Agriculture, Climate and Food Sovereignty a topic at Ecumenical Advocacy Days

In countries like Haiti, women play an important role in agriculture be it as laborers, producers or millers. In the food cooperatives of northern Haiti, like the "Men Nan Men" ("Hand in Hand") co-op in Mayombe, the department (province) of Artibonite, the work of women in planting and harvesting crops is both appreciated and valued as are their other roles in food co-operatives that have been life-enhancing places in the year since the 2010 earthquake.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: CWS Emergency Appeal

As the need for immediate relief supplies increases following the recent disaster in Japan, CWS's response centers on emergency relief support to at least 5,000 families, about 25,000 individuals, now living at 100 evacuation sites in the northeastern area of the country.

CWS situation report - March 15: Japan earthquake and tsunami

Japan is dealing with multiple crises, including the increased threat of radiation exposure from several nuclear power plants. CWS plans to support response efforts by the Japan Platform, a coalition of 32 non-governmental organizations, government service agencies and media outlets, with CWS providing support and channeling contributions to individual members of the Japan Platform.

CWS praises introduction of refugee reform bill

Global humanitarian organization Church World Service greatly applauds Congressman Gary C. Peters (D, Mich.) for his introduction of the Domestic Refugee Reform and Modernization Act.

Ecumenical Advocacy Days features workshop on proposed budget cuts

With proposed budget cuts prompting so many people to speak up about the potential negative effects of national belt-tightening measures, a March 25 - 28 gathering of grass roots activists presents an opportunity for concerned citizens to learn details the budget and how to speak out about the cuts.

CWS situation report - March 13: Japan earthquake and tsunami

Rescue efforts continue in Japan following the March 11 tsunami and earthquake that in recent days has taken another potentially deadly turn as the country tries to deal with a growing nuclear crisis.

CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan leads Asia region in advancing humanitarian standards

As the world faces an increasing number of large-scale disasters that make the need for quality and accountability in humanitarian response ever more pressing, the Sphere Project and Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan have formed a regional partnership in Asia.

CWS situation report: Japan earthquake and tsunami

The powerful tsunami that struck Japan overnight may have affected areas in the Pacific Rim where CWS has programs. Our emergency response staff are in contact with our regional office in Bangkok.

CWS at work following Japan tsunami

The powerful tsunami that struck Japan overnight may have affected areas in the Pacific Rim where CWS has programs. Our emergency response staff are in contact with our regional office in Bangkok.

Help by the bucketful when flooding strikes

Water is the stuff of life. But water can also be a threat even in the U.S., where substantial flooding is projected in many areas this spring. CWS is preparing for such tough times, and CWS Emergency Clean-up Buckets enormously helpful during flood recovery efforts are high on the priority list.

Water and grassroots efforts fuel long-time CWS supporter

Gail Peterson saw the results of Church World Service donors' partnership with "grassroots initiative" during her 2008 CWS sponsored trip to Kenya.

Women and water in rural Kenya

Women and water in rural Kenya

CWS: providing access to clean water

A village in Indonesia gains a reservoir, with CWS help.

Nation's Largest Gathering of Faith-based Advocates Focuses on Women

As people the world over commemorate International Women's Day (Mar. 8), with its theme of equal access for women, it is fitting that grassroots activists and experts from around the nation and the world will delve into issues ranging from women and poverty, to women and the global economy and women and migration.

Budgets: Can't cut moral responsibility to save lives, say faith leaders

As the Senate moves towards compromise on massive cuts as outlined in House bill H.R. 1, humanitarian agency Church World Service and leading faith groups say that, even as lawmakers address current financial challenges, the United States has a moral responsibility to maintain the nation's capacity to save lives in the United States and internationally.

CWS, other agencies urge lawmakers to spare humanitarian spending from budget cuts

In an attempt to halt U.S. budget cuts that could be "devastating" to disaster victims, displaced people and refugees throughout the world, Church World Service has joined several humanitarian agencies in appealing to lawmakers now deliberating the nation's proposed spending plan for 2011.

Working for peace in Uganda

As voters in Uganda prepare for a contentious general election, CWS has worked extensively to provide community leaders with training in peace building and ways to resolve conflicts without violence.

Church World Service calls out dangers in 'evisceration' of global assistance budget

Global humanitarian agency Church World Service voiced grave concern today over proposed budget cuts under deliberation in the House of Representatives this week that threaten to eviscerate U.S. funding for humanitarian and poverty-focused global assistance. Those cuts would be the deepest to the international affairs budget since the end of World War II.

Saving lives before disaster strikes

Preparing for disaster now saves money - and lives - once disaster strikes.

Protection: promoting rights and dignity

'Protection means respecting people's rights and treating disaster-affected people with dignity.'

Ecumenical advocacy conference: March 25-28 in Washington, D.C.

Following the State of the Union and as the 112th Congress gets underway, Christian advocates from across the country are planning to voice their concern for development, security and economic justice, especially for women and girls.

CWS urges restoration of U.S. funding for global hunger

As global food prices again begin to rise, Church World Service is urging President Barack Obama to restore funding for a program to address hunger and food security in developing nations by improving the productivity of small farmers.

Pakistan earthquake: CWS situation report

A 7.2 earthquake has hit a remote area of southwestern Pakistan. Today's quake was centered in Baluchistan, Pakistan's most sparsely populated area, according to the US Geological Service.

Church World Service CEO lauds Obama's new Cuba travel policies

Friday's White House decision to ease travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba for religious, educational and cultural exchanges signals "the beginning of a new era of relations between the United States and Cuba."

Reflections from Haiti

Independent video producer Tim Frakes and CWS Haiti Earthquake Response Coordinator Aaron Tate on the current situation in Haiti.

2011: A year of hunger demanding local action, says CWS

If 2010 was the year of large-scale disasters including the devastating Haiti earthquake and wide-spread floods in Pakistan 2011 is likely to be the year when issues of hunger become increasingly significant on the global stage, international humanitarian agency Church World Service says in a New Year's assessment.

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