Amity Teachers Program: Participating denominations

Beth Carter, former Amity teacher
Beth Carter, former Amity teacher.
Photo: Amity Foundation

Churches related to Church World Service, a part of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, are among those offering this unique opportunity to teach English as a foreign (second) language in the People's Republic of China under the auspices of the Amity Foundation.

Participating denominations and agencies:

Note: If you are a member of any one of the denominations above, please apply through your denomination. Others may apply through Church World Service.

"Amity IS a big family. We are many faces from many places who find a home away from home together. We're involved in the challenge of building bridges of love, understanding, and friendship between cultures, and on this bridge we cross over into a deeper understanding of our own."
-Amity Teacher, Fujian Province