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Position Title: Integration Assistance Program Specialist/Paralegal

Reports To: Integration Assistance Program Coordinator
Team: Immigration & Refugee – Miami Office
 Location: Palm Beach County and Broward offices, FL
 Grade: 3
$32,000 to $34,000
Status: Non-Exempt; Non-Bargaining Unit
Deadline: Received by January 21, 2013

Send resume to:

Church World Service
P.O. Box 968
Elkhart, IN 46515

Fax: 574-266-0087

When submitting your resume and cover letter, please include the Position Title in the subject line of your email.

Church World Service is an EEO/AA employer.  In keeping with our commitment to have a culturally diverse community, Church World Service does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identification, religion, age, disability or veteran status in employment or the provision of services.

Primary Purpose:

Responsible for client’s case management, referrals to the various social service agencies including educational, medical, employment, conduct home visits, and appropriate follow-up of referrals.  The incumbent is responsible for assessing eligibility for immigration services and case file preparation of immigration application packets in an accurate fashion by completing required accompanying documents. This position will be located in Palm Beach County; however, the incumbent will be required to work in the Broward location as instructed by Sub-Office Director.

Essential Duties:


Undergraduate degree in social work and or equivalent professional experience.

Minimum of two-year experience in refugee case management and/or immigrant-related services. Experience working with churches or church-based organizations preferred.


Communications: Listen carefully to assure clear understanding of instructions and requests.  Communicate detailed and/or technical information clearly, in writing and orally.  Ask appropriate questions in seeking explanations needed to perform job. Promote “transparency of information” by sharing relevant information with staff and other stakeholders.  Understand staff roles and procedures and prepare standard reports to track job progress or activities.  Anticipate constituent needs and interests and take proactive steps to respond to them.  Understand and is able to use appropriate technology to communicate with others inside and outside CWS.  Respect and maintain confidentiality of sensitive information within parameters defined by supervisor and/or CWS policy.

Constituent Relationships: Understand who stakeholders are and be responsive to their needs.  Facilitate interactions and serve as a resource in relations with stakeholders.  Recognize and be sensitive to issues of concern to stakeholders.  Recognize and be sensitive to cultural, ethnic and religious issues.

Job Knowledge: Understand the mission and values of CWS and faith-based organizations and how they apply it, to their work and relationships with others.  Understand the work performed and how it supports CWS in achieving its goals. Understand how to work in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and integrity. Knows a broad range of information regarding a specific program or department and use that knowledge to perform effectively and independently.  Applies a depth of knowledge within area of responsibility to implement assigned activities.  Able to use and willing expand learning of applications or technology to perform job duties.  Maintain and improve the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in performing job responsibilities.  Interpret CWS’s policies and procedures for staff and stakeholders, keeping the “human” side in sight.

Leadership: Accept accountability for assigned activities and adapt work style to perform independently or within a team. Model behaviors that are consonant with the mission and values of CWS in work activities and relationships.  Demonstrate sound judgment in performing all duties.  Recognize and use individual strengths to enhance work performance.  Recognize areas of weakness and seek assistance to improve performance.  Take initiative within area of responsibility.  Facilitate the use of skills and resources within CWS.  Contribute ideas for implementing CWS’s vision and strategic plan.

Problem Solving: Identify problems in procedures that affect program work and recommend changes in systems or procedures to address them, then implement approved changes.  Understand and apply knowledge of the context in which CWS works, including global trends, issues, and the ecumenical movement. Exercise creativity in resolving problems and trying new ways of doing things.  Know how and when to apply technical solutions to problems.  Share results of problem solving experiences with others.  Remain flexible in responding to organizational priorities.

Program Planning and Management: Anticipate work flow and take proactive steps to balance work priorities.   Understand the desired outcome of assigned work and how it supports CWS’s work.  Gather, analyze and make use of information and resources necessary to complete work.  Set and communicate deadlines and priorities.  Successfully balance multiple activities, in support of program or departmental goals.  Manage contacts with internal and external stakeholders to ensure flow of information and coordination of efforts.  Verify the accuracy and quality of own work and the work of others.  Contribute ideas to effectively implement program plans and activities.  Keep other informed of work progress and any problems encountered.   Assist others to complete priority work, or step in to handle work in their absence.

Resource Building and Stewardship: Recognize resource building potential in all interactions and be responsive and professional in providing information.  Promote CWS’s mission, programs and services with stakeholders to assure continued support.  Use financial and material resources provided by CWSW to their best advantage, including business equipment and supplies.  Make the most of own time and resources to maximize stewardship to CWS.  Respect one another and relationships with staff, supervisors and managers.

Teamwork: Understand what a team is and what it does.  Demonstrate a willingness to work on a team.  Understand own role on the team and how it fits in to the overall results to be produced.  Promote effective interactions among team members and facilitate group discussion.  Participate in identifying and establishing work needs and time lines for completion.  Keep team leader and members informed of work status.  Demonstrate awareness of what other teams do and how their work affects own team.  Recognize and respect the importance of work performed by colleagues.  Understand organizational priorities and is willing to set aside own tasks to assist others to complete high priority tasks.

Other Skills:

Excellent English writing skills and experience in various computer software. Fluency in English, and Spanish and/or Haitian Creole.


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