Keystone NGO Accountability Survey

A conversation with Church World Service on improving humanitarian performance – and the Keystone NGO Accountability Survey

Unloading emergency relief boxes in Haiti

CWS believes in a broad partnership approach in all our program areas, such as this distribution of emergency relief supplies in earthquake-ravaged Haiti in early 2010.  The Keystone NGO Accountability Survey provided extensive, valued feedback from our partners.  Photo by Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance.

Part #1 (6:14)
How is Church World Service doing as a humanitarian agency?  Hear Jan Dragin with CWS Deputy Director and Head of Programs Maurice Bloem and Consultant Menno Wiebe in the first of three conversations about the findings of a vital new survey that may shape the work of CWS well into the future.

Part #2 (10:22)
What’s customer satisfaction got to do with it?  The conversation continues, focusing on transparency, funding – and what local partner organizations say they really want in their relationship with NGOs.

Part #3 (12:35)
Hear about one result from the Keystone survey that surprised CWS… and how local partner organizations and the survey are pointing the way to an evolving role for humanitarian agencies in the future.