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Woman at the Well "Woman at the Well" ornament and card
This olive wood ornament is produced in partnership with the Middle East Council of Churches. The card has a picture of the ornament, a description of a water cistern program sponsored by CWS, and information on the water crisis in the West Bank and worldwide. The card also provides education and advocacy opportunities. Order online
Poisoned skies Poisoned skies, troubled waters
How CWS is addressing the impact of climate change on water. The latest in a series.
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A river in their veins A river in their veins
How CWS supports the water rights of indigenous people in Bolivia, and the impact of climate change in the Caribbean.
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Drinking rain in the occupied West Bank Drinking rain in the occupied West Bank
This four-page resource describes how West Bank Palestinian villagers are harvesting rainwater in underground cisterns with CWS support.
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Thirsty Souls and Parched Lands

Thirsty Souls & Parched Lands
A 6-page resource paper, part of CWS series on water.
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Water for all in Africa Water for all in Africa
This four-page resource describes CWS support for community ownership and management of water resources in Africa.
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Twice as Thristy - Women, Children and Water Twice As Thirsty: Women, Children and Water
This 4-page resource paper describes the special burden women and children bear in getting water for their families. Part of the CWS series on water.
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Worship with the World - Water Worship with the World: WATER
A sampling of voices of the thirsty people worldwide that Church World Service supports, alongside prayer, scripture and liturgical suggestions.
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Seven Weeks for Water: Water, Conflict and Just Peace
The Ecumenical Water Network's "Seven Weeks for Water" for 2011 focuses on "Water, conflict and just peace", examining the links between access to water, water struggles, and building just peace.  Check it out | Additional EWN resources