Food Security: Examples

Woman tending her garden
Woman tending her garden.
Photo: CEPAD

Women start revolving fund to promote development and food security in Nicaragua

Some 57 women leaders in 19 rural communities are developing three women-headed revolving funds to promote local development and food security initiatives, with the help of Church World Service, Foods Resource Bank, and local partner CEPAD.

Rural Nicaraguan women produce much of the food their families consume. But they have lacked many of the resources available to men, including access to credit, title to land, and technological assistance in improving productivity and diversification. Though this is slowly changing, many women remain in need of training and resources to allow them to improve conditions for their families. Read more »

Advocating for small farmers in the Punjab region of Pakistan
Some 22,980 small farmers in Punjab Province, Pakistan, are taking part in an information-gathering project of Church World Service partner Punjab Lok Sujag to make the issues important to them known to policymakers and the media.
Bosansko Grahovo Milk Cooperative - Bosnia
Some 70 families in the community of Bosansko Grahovo, Bosnia, are creating a cooperative to sell part of the milk they produce and earn an income. Bosansko Grahovo has a population of about 3,000 people, down from a pre-war 8,000.
Sustainable food security for sugar cane cutters and their families, Dominican Republic
A three-year food security project in partnership with long-standing local partners, Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas and Grupo de Pastores Interdenominacionales, is benefiting 996 peasant families in 24 rural communities in Dominican Republic's Southwest. The families live on the edge of food security and are very vulnerable to natural disasters such as drought, flooding, and hurricanes.