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Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program  2010 Conference June 1-4, Miami, Florida

Comprehensive Conference Report

CWS IRP National Conference explores “2010 and Beyond” (PDF)

A High Standard of Service (10:30, YouTube)

Excepts from videotaped interviews with 12 CWS IRP local resettlement office and denominational staff on how the January 1, 2010, increase in the per capita reception and placement grant is helping refugees and the affiliates’ work to welcome them.
Room to Breathe (YouTube) – 3:30 version of "A High Standard of Service"

Summer 2010 "Welcome" (PDF) - A high standard of service: celebrating the R&P increase

Agenda (PDF)

Cosponsorship Models from A-Z: Reframing the ask for resettlement (PPT)
Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA)’s “Design for a New Start” program to engage the community in a way that creates positive images of refugees, focuses on the hopeful future instead of the traumatic past, and tells a story audiences can relate to about rebuilding and starting anew.

Co-Sponsorship Models from A-Z: Small Congregations (PPT)
Why pursue small churches?  This presentation cites several reasons, and how to work with small church dynamics.

Church World Service: Livelihoods and Integration (PPT)
This program aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of livelihood interventions; promote strategic, comprehensive approaches based on individual needs; include a gender lens on livelihood approaches, and promote strategies that are market-driven, build on refugees’ skills and lead to sustainable income.

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Travel Loan Collections (PPT)
The “whats,” “hows” and “whys” of travel loans and travel loan collections.  On-time monthly payments help to establish a good credit rating!

BIA Recognition and Accreditation Program (PPT)
CWS immigration attorney Tara Pinkham described the benefits to affiliates of Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) recognition and accreditation and the steps for applying.

Related document: Board of Immigration Appeals Recognition and Accreditation Instruction Booklet (PDF)

Matching Grant 101 (PPT)
A thorough primer in this important employment-focused alternative to welfare, funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Out of the Box Employment (PPT)
Do’s and don’ts of employer outreach.  When it’s effective, it revolves around a sales mentality, asking good questions, hearing from others and listening to the experts.

Understanding Iraqi Refugees (PPT)
Considers the Iraqis’ unique issues, and offers practical suggestions, including re. employment.

OPE 101: The Basics of Overseas Refugee Case Processing (PPT)
A look at overseas case processing, from annual presidential determination through Cultural Orientation for refugees approved for resettlement in the United States.

Refugee Protection and Resettlement (PPT)
What protection is, who needs it, how to identify threats, and how to put together risk-reduction activities and an advocacy plan.

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Other documents

PRM Reception and Placement Program Review Summary (PDF)

Evaluating Refugee Co-Sponsorships: How and Why? (PDF)

Evaluations don’t take very long, and there are great reasons to do them!

A Social Media Glossary (PDF)

10 Best Practices in Social Media for Nonprofits (PDF)

Tips for Successful Grant Writing (PDF)

Resources for Public Policy Advocates – Presented by Jen Smyers and Yvette Schock

Service Speaks Advocates Application (PDF)
Local Action Grants for Immigration Reform Application (PDF)
Talking Points Immigration Reform (PDF)
Refugee Funding Handbook FY11 (DOC)
Refugee Bill Section by Section (DOC)
Refugee Protection Act 2010 (PDF)
RCUSA World Refugee Day Affiliate Advocacy Packet (DOC)
Isaiah 58 Campaign (PDF)
Interfaith Platform on Humane Immigration Reform (PDF)
Gary Peters Dear Colleague Letter (PDF)
Chart on Senate Framework, Interfaith Platform (DOC)
World Refugee Day Flyer Final (DOC)
CWS Speak Out


Links recommended in sessions: – Center for Applied Linguistics website/sign up for listserv – Facebook/social media for not for profits, by Beth Kanter.  Provides insight into using these media as an agency.

CWS and affiliates’ social media sites: – CWS Durham Office’s resource blog for volunteers, cosponsors and employers. – CWS IRP microsite and blog dedicated to comprehensive immigration reform.  Contact: -- CWS IRP site on Facebook.  Mostly focused on comprehensive immigration reform right now, but can be broadened/shifted.  Contact:

Also on Facebook:  RRISA, InterFaith Works of Central New York Refugee Resettlement, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Lexington, Exodus Refugee Immigration -- CWS IRP’s Twitter site.  Mostly focused on comprehensive immigration reform right now, but can be broadened/shifted.  Contact: and – sites of Services for New Americans at Lutheran Social Services of New England.  Contact:

Community Immigration & Refugee Services (Columbus, Ohio) blog: http://criscommunity.wordpress.comContact:

Also of interest:

Books recommended in sessions:

The Complete Guide to Fundraising
, by Stanley Weinstein

How to Say It: Grantwriting.  Write Proposals That Grantmakers Want to Fund, by Deborah Koch


Welcome to Shelbyville
– Trailer at  Information about using the film in community screenings from  

New Year  To borrow it for a community screening, contact