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Refugees from Bhutan

Refugees from Bhutan, resettled by CWS to New Hampshire.
Photo: Ken Ramsey

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More than 15.5 million people around the world are refugees -- uprooted from their countries by persecution and armed conflict.  Many end up warehoused in camps or struggling to survive in their country of first refuge, often in urban misery belts.  For these most vulnerable of refugees, resettlement to a country such as the United States is the only real option.

To welcome the most vulnerable is a core principle of our nation, a concrete expression of our commitment to human rights.  The historic, bipartisan U.S. refugee program is a “public-private partnership” that, to succeed, requires both U.S. government funding AND voluntary support from communities, organizations and individuals.

Church World Service is a key voluntary agency partner in welcoming newly arrived refugees and helping them become self-sufficient in this country.  We invite you to work with us to ensure that refugees are received with dignity and adequate support.

Donate to assist refugees!

Help CWS stock a newly arriving refugee family’s pantry … orient the family to their new community … and recruit volunteers to befriend and guide these new neighbors.  Help CWS support summer activities for refugee children … fill backpacks for refugee teens … and, when it’s time, assist refugees with their “Green Card” and citizenship applications.  Consider making a major gift to assist refugees.


CWS and its network of offices and affiliates resettle refugees to 36 cities in 21 states!  Last year, CWS resettled 5,322 refugees.  Click here to connect with your local resettlement office, or call CWS at 212-870-3300 for ways to support resettlement even if you don’t have a CWS affiliate near you.

Speak out!

Click here to advocate for reforms that will improve the welcome that refugees receive upon arrival, allow refugee families to reunify more quickly, and help refugees become fully part of their new country.  Join us in building communities, states and a nation that welcome refugees and recognize immigrants’ rights – and their many contributions.

Learn more!

Follow the links at left to learn more about all CWS does for refugees and immigrants.  Our many resources include the “Welcoming Refugees” brochure, “A Future with Hope” DVD, “Print and Go” refugee resettlement resource packets for church and community groups, “Facts Have Faces” about refugees, and much more.

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