Immigration Legal Services

NYC legal services
In January 2010 CWS began providing direct immigration legal services at its New York City offices.  Pictured above: CWS-IRP staff attorney Tara Pinkham meets with Haitian clients at a February 2010 Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Day in New York City.
Photo: Carol Fouke-Mpoyo

A growing number of CWS offices and affiliates provide immigration legal services along with refugee resettlement services.

Immigration legal services provided through our affiliates include:

These services are explained in Immigration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Several CWS-IRP affiliates offer other services for asylees. Through matching grants, affiliates help asylees with employment services and up to four months of maintenance assistance and cash allowance. Enrolled asylees may also receive assistance with language training, certain health and medical services, counseling, and daycare. To qualify for these services through matching grants, asylees must enroll in the matching grant program within 31 days of being granted asylum.

Asylee services through CWS-IRP local offices and affiliates vary from state to state. Please contact the local office or affiliate nearest you for more information.

You can also try this list of links for addition information on immigration requirements and services.