Expanded CWS appeal: 2010 Haiti earthquake

More than seven months after Haiti's devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, CWS continues its relief and rehabilitation activities, with an ongoing focus on responding to the needs of Haiti's most vulnerable citizens.

Woman in camp
Port-au-Prince, Haiti--A resident leaves a camp for survivors of the Jan. 2010 earthquake. The disaster killed some 230,000 people.
Photo: REUTERS/St Felix Eves, courtesy www.AlertNet.org

Appeal #: 6762

Expanded Appeal Amount - $5,183,630 (increased from $4,204,540)
Funding Received To Date - $4,384,655


More than seven months after Haiti's devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, CWS continues its relief and rehabilitation activities, with an ongoing focus on responding to the needs of Haiti's most vulnerable citizens.

As CWS and its local and ACT Alliance partners continue their work, it is clear that humanitarian "accompaniment" is a rewarding but also challenging process, given the extreme difficulties of a country still struggling with problematic logistics and infrastructure; already-existing poverty; and weak governance.

"This is going to be a very long process, and our supporters and constituents need to know that," said CWS Development and Humanitarian Assistance Program Director Donna Derr. "But while recognizing the challenges in Haiti, we remain committed to the vision of a better, repaired and ultimately flourishing country."

CWS response

As noted in the last appeal update, CWS is focusing its response on the following initiatives:

  • Repairing/building additions to permanent housing.
  • Supporting agricultural sustainability.
  • Supporting "durable solutions" for displaced persons in settlements along the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable children.
  • Supporting economic recovery.
  • Empowering people with disabilities.
  • Providing material resources and logistical support.

(For further details of the response, see April 26 appeal.)

In this appeal expansion, certain initiatives are expanding:

  • Food security program is being extended from 24 months to 36 months (now continuing through the end of 2012), with the budget expanding from $450,000 to $747,000.

    The program centers on 13 farmer cooperative serving more than 3,000 members and internally displaced persons in the Northwest and Artibonite regions. The co-ops provide their members with access to revolving funds for necessities like seeds, tools and fertilizers; rural women's access to small credit to help them start or expand a micro business; appropriate training and technical assistance including adult literacy; and emotional support to members and their families.

  • Persons with disabilities program is also being extended from 24 months to 36 months, but with the understanding that during the third year, CWS will no longer provide cash assistance and instead focus on continuing other aspects of the program, such as expansion of the persons with disabilities program to other areas of Haiti beyond Port-au-Prince; integration support; psychosocial support; vocational training; and referral assistance. The additional cost for this third year of the persons with disability program means the current budget will be increased from $1,228,000 to $1,747,090.

  • Being added: a "partner capacity development" component, in the amount of $40,000. This will support a strategic planning process of partners to develop their longer-term plans for future work that builds on their earthquake emergency response efforts; assistance in up-grading financial management systems of partners; support for partner staff retreats/self care; training and learning exchange initiatives.

  • An additional year for CWS-Haiti response staff and operations costs: $123,000.

Total amount of new initiatives: $979,090.

How to help

Contributions to this CWS appeal may be made through your denomination or at www.churchworldservice.org/haiti or by phoning 800-297-1516 or by mailing to Church World Service, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515 (please indicate Haiti Earthquake appeal #6762).

ACT Alliance Church World Service is a member of the ACT Alliance, a global coalition of churches and agencies engaged in development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy.

For further information about disasters to which Church World Service is responding please visit www.churchworldservice.org or call the CWS Hotline, (800) 297-1516.


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