A program built on partnership

Long-time partner IMA World Health started when CWS and other agencies figured out working together made sense. It's a formula that's lasted decades.

IMA World Health Kid's Kit
IMA World Health provides Healthy Kid's Kits to keep children safe following disasters.
Photo courtesy IMA World Health

IMA World Health, headquartered in New Windsor, Md., was formed in 1960, when six church-based agencies collaborated together to form Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc.®, with each becoming a member agency.  Its mission was to provide medicines and supplies to church medical missions and emergency health care programs around the world.  Working in collaboration proved to be more efficient than what could be done individually.

Now, more than 50 years later, the name has changed, IMA's services have grown, and there are 12 member agencies including CWS.  But IMA continues to build true partnerships, utilizing the strengths and resources of a variety of highly skilled people and organizations to deliver health care to vulnerable and marginalized people the world over.  

Since its founding, IMA has provided more than $1 billion in medicines to over 52 countries, including recent partnerships with CWS to provide medicines and medical supplies to Haiti and Pakistan after natural disasters.  IMA's capabilities continue to expand, with four primary areas of focus:
    •    Providing essential medicines and medical supplies
    •    Fighting and controlling targeted diseases
    •    Educating and training health care workers and communities
    •    Strengthening indigenous health care systems

With offices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania, IMA World Health works with CWS and others to restore health, hope and dignity to those most in need.

Visit IMA World Health on the web at www.imaworldhealth.org



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