Reflections from Haiti

Independent video producer Tim Frakes and CWS Haiti Earthquake Response Coordinator Aaron Tate on the current situation in Haiti.

Reporting from a farming co-op in northern Haiti
Tim Frakes, independent video producer.


Amidst the chaos of catastrophe, a country finds its way
Aaron Tate, CWS Haiti Earthquake Response Coordinator

a child in Port-au-Prince
A child in Port-au-Prince enjoys a CWS Blanket. Photo: C. Herlinger/CWS

One year after the earthquake, the situation in Haiti remains very serious.  The thousands of tent camps and destroyed buildings are physical reminders of the damaged lives and the desperate struggle for Haiti to build a strong, stable country.  However, we know that our projects are creating small communities of hope and strength that will grow and form an important part of the fabric of Haitian society now and in the future.

In communities where organizations like CWS have really focused their efforts, you find these small pockets of hope and self-sufficiency.  Our goal is that these communities strengthen and grow, filling the void of despair and extreme poverty, as Haiti makes a full recovery.  This is possible only through the work of the Haitian people, with support from the Haitian government and international organizations like CWS.


Music – a sign of hope
Tim Frakes, independent video producer.


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