Giving thanks in 2010

Thank you for your partnership in providing help and hope to millions of children and families.

A young girl in Haiti washing laundry
A girl washes in a camp for families left homeless by the January 2010 earthquake.
Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

In 2010, the enormity of the challenges we've faced as partners in the struggle to help suffering people has been unprecedented. Floods, storms and wildfires have battered our neighbors here in the U.S. Overseas, the challenges were even greater as earthquakes, storms and floods threatened the lives of millions in Haiti, Pakistan, and parts of Central America.

From our disaster relief efforts to our frontline work battling hunger, poverty and dislocation, to our sustainability and empowerment initiatives, we are making a difference in the lives of our world’s hurting and hungry people.

Thank you for your partnership that is providing help and hope to millions of children and families.  Everyone who has participated in a CROP Hunger Walk, put together a CWS Kit, organized a Blankets+ celebration with their congregation or group, purchased a CWS Best Gift, or made a donation is making this work possible.

CROP Hunger Walk

Church World Service would also like to extend a special appreciation to the top online fundraisers (so far) through our 2010 CROP Hunger Walks:

  • Mike Aiken – Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk, Greensboro, N.C.
  • Paul Chan – Kansas City Heart of America CROP Hunger Walk, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Suzanne Dysard – Boulder County CROP Hunger Walk, Boulder, Colo.
  • Rick Herberg – Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk, Charlotte, N.C.
  • The St. Matthew Parishioners – Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk, Charlotte, N.C.

As you reflect on this time of giving thanks, what are you grateful for?  Join with us by sharing online:

  • on the CWS Facebook page
  • or use #cwsthankful on Twitter


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