Where our blankets go...

Blankets display
Photo: CWS Florida

Photo: CWS Florida

The children's sermon at Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lakeland, Florida, each Sunday in September focused on a part of the world that was receiving blankets from Church World Service. Rev. Ros Springer saw this as an opportunity to show the children that their offerings were being used to help others around the world. She also offered to match their offerings during the month, which generated excitement among the kids.

During each children's sermon, the group of 8-10 little ones counted their offering and added a tiny blanket to the poster for each $5 collected. By the end of the month, this small group of children (with a little help from others in the congregation trying to bankrupt the pastor!), had donated $187, which would purchase 37 blankets and a hammer!

With Rev. Ros’ matching gift, the children’s giving totaled $374, creating a challenge for the rest of the congregation. On the date set for Blanket Sunday, the donations of the adults pushed the total over $1,000, creating an exciting conclusion to the most successful Blanket Sunday ever experienced by Bethany Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).



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