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CWS helps refugees with English, civics and other building blocks for citizenship
CWS Greensboro Intermediate class
Photo: CWS

The U.S. citizenship civics exam has 100 questions – how many can you answer correctly?  Find out now, and read about how Church World Service is helping refugees and other eligible immigrants prepare for the test.  >>

CWS ESL Pilot Project boosts U.S.-bound refugees' skills, confidence

Imagine you’re a refugee who has never been to school or even held a pen or pencil.  You don’t speak a word of English.  And you’ve just been approved to resettle in the U.S.  You might well be feeling anxious, wondering what you are in for.  A new CWS program in Nairobi is helping to answer that question for 91 students.  >>

Lives (re)born: Rosie and John, Lai Chin refugees from Burma ... and baby Krista!

In October 2011, seven months pregnant with her first child, Rosie arrived in Sacramento, Calif., a refugee from Burma where she was subjected to constant persecution.  Rosie and her husband John are grateful for the assistance they received ... and the birth of their daughter Krista just before Thanksgiving.  >>

CWS "Neighbors in Need" program looks at urban refugees and their host communities

Roughly one-third of the world's estimated 10.6 million refugees live in cities.  In order to strengthen assistance to this growing population, CWS is documenting what fosters good refugee-host community relations.  >>


is a publication of the CWS Immigration and Refugee Program, Erol Kekic, Director.

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Graduation in Greensboro
Photo: CWS

A CORE program
CWS's Greensboro, N.C. office's new program gives newly arrived refugees a stronger foundation.

Mahawa Smith
Photo: CWS

Three new U.S. citizens!
Meet Thuong, Mahawa and Blinh...

Alabama's HB 56
CWS's Noel Andersen reports from the epicenter of the immigration debate in the U.S.

A special turkey giveaway.
Don King brought 193 turkeys for distribution to the CWS-Miami office's clients just before Christmas.

Help CWS protect refugees!
Make a donation online and write for more ways to get involved.

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