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Vitali Vorona, Tatiana Vologna, Natalie Dejean

Photo: Moldova, CWS

Eco-tech toilet is a cause for celebration
Some 250 schoolkids and teachers benefit from northern Moldova's first composting toilet, thanks to CWS's water and sanitation program.

Skip the mall. Buy a goat!
The most precious holiday gifts honor the recipient and provide a very real lifeline for someone struggling to survive.  Shop our Best Gift Catalog and change someone's life today!

Act now before gift annuity rates drop
There's still time to lock in a high fixed-payment charitable gift annuity for you or a loved one before the end of the year.

Their faithfulness lives on...
The members of Wilson Congregational Church in Windsor, Conn., have long supported CWS programs with Blankets+ offerings, CROP Hunger Walks and more.  But their final gift might be the most meaningful.

A colossus of a heart demanding justice
Sonia Pierre fought since age 13 for the defense of rights of her community, Dominicans of Haitian descent.  The urgency she felt about everything and the risks she took never allowed her to rest.



Man in a cornfield
Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

Changing lives together
See how CWS is impacting the lives of people from Serbia to the Chaco region of South America.
Rubble Nation book cover

Rubble Nation
CWS's Chris Herlinger joins Paul Jeffrey in telling the story of post-quake Haiti – available on

New Year, new stories...
The 2012 CWS wall calendar offers a compelling look at our work as seen through the eyes of those we serve.

Speak Out today
Save U.S. refugee resettlement program from drastic cuts on Dec. 9.  Call or write Congress before Friday!

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