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Haiti: One year later
Photo: CWS

Haiti: One year later
See how CWS is supporting a sustainable future, with Haitians helping Haitians.  Watch our new video.

Indonesia: Keeping water safe
Photo: Matt Hackworth/CWS

Keeping water safe
A CWS project in an Indonesian village protects a local spring from pollution and helps keep kids healthy.  Watch our photo slideshow.


Young child in Haiti
Photo: C. Herlinger/CWS

Finding their way
Check out these brief, personal videos and insights on the current situation in Haiti.

A day of remembrance
2011 marks the 65th year CWS has resettled refugees to the U.S.  Read more.


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A year later in Haiti: 'We see people trying to move on with their lives'
A young child in Haiti
Photo: Caminante

The January 12, 2010, earthquake forever changed lives in Haiti.  One year later, frustration abounds at the slow pace of recovery.  Yet there are glimmers of hope.  Through programs for vulnerable children, support for persons with disabilities and the expansion of farming cooperatives, CWS is helping Haitians help themselves.  Read more.


2011: A year of hunger demanding local action, says CWS
A man in Gran Chaco
Photo: Paul Jeffrey for CWS

If 2010 was the year of large-scale disasters, 2011 will likely see an increased global focus on issues related to hunger, CWS staff say.  "Hunger has always been with us, but in 2011, it will take on more importance, both as a fact of life for tens of millions and as an issue for the humanitarian community to respond to and lift up," said CWS Executive Director and CEO John L. McCullough.  Read more.

An oasis of caring and practical assistance
Luckens Cedoit and his family
Photo: CWS Miami

When Luckens Cedoit tried to protect his pregnant wife, Edeline Jean, during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a wall collapsed injuring his back and legs.  The couple was evacuated to Miami by CWS, where Jean gave birth to a baby girl and where Luckens has received extensive medical assistance.  Read more.

Darfuri refugees in the CROP Hunger Walk
The Tira family
Photo: Katie White

A recently resettled refugee family from Darfur, Sudan, braved a cold, pouring rain to participate in last fall's CROP Hunger Walk in Erie, Pa.  The Tiras raised nearly $200 for CWS work to fight hunger in Erie and around the world.  Read more.

A one-month bonus

There's good news as we head into 2011, and it's not just a fresh start to the new year.  A change in federal law allows persons age 70 1/2 or older to enjoy tax savings by making charitable gifts directly from Individual Retirement Accounts.  Also, charitable distributions made from an IRA this month can be declared as 2010 gifts.  Learn more.

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