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Masbore village, Zondoma province, Burkina Faso. Food shortages could leave as many as two million people at risk in Burkina alone.  Photo: Christian Aid.

African Sahel: Children at risk for severe malnutrition
Unusually low 2011 rainfall has decimated the region’s grain harvests. CWS is working to provide emergency food, improved seeds and other assistance to more than 83,000 people in need.

A simple cure for ‘hidden hunger’
Every day, children around the world experience “hidden hunger” -- a lack of crucial vitamins and minerals -- that affects their growth, development and health. See how you are making a difference.

Snakebites serious and prevalent in Myanmar
Some 10,000 people are bitten and 1,000 suffer snakebite-related deaths each year in Myanmar, according to hospital data which only includes those who sought treatment. You're helping us learn more to protect the most vulnerable.

25 years of resettlement success stories
Sheila McGeehan doesn’t take the credit, but she’s introduced refugees from all around the world to Lancaster, Pa. And those newcomers have transformed her hometown into “a very cosmopolitan” community.

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