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CROP Hunger Walkers

Eagle County CROP Hunger Walk, Wendy Griffith Photography

'We want to help end hunger...'
The spring CROP Hunger Walk season is in full swing. Anna, a high school student in Westlake, California, takes us behind the scenes of her Walk. Watch now (1:37) | Find your Walk

Deepening food crisis brings despair
CWS is responding in the West African region of the Sahel, where an estimated 12 million people face the imminent threat of famine.

Celebrate Earth Day 2012 (April 22)
CWS believes it is critical for countries like the U.S. to contribute positively to climate solutions. Our climate resources page provides information and suggestions for taking action.

A day in the life of Europe's Roma
Evictions. Hunger. Cold. And still, joy. Marginalized and shunned by most of Europe, daily life for the ethnic Roma minority in Serbia comes to life through the lens of photographer Paul Jeffrey.

Save Farm Bill food aid funding, reform U.S. policies
CWS is calling on lawmakers in Washington to lower costs, deliver disaster aid faster, and better help hungry people break out of poverty and aid dependence.

APRIL 2012


Young girl
Photo: Jonathan Ernst/ACT Alliance

Protect women and children
Urge your representative to support House Resolution 521. Speak Out now!

Only 27 days left!
Choose a gift from our Best Gift catalog to honor someone special on Mother's Day.


What are you afraid of?
Spiders, volcanoes, ninjas ... and asking for money to fight hunger?
New CROPvid  (YouTube, 1:42)

Provide food security
Become a part of CWS's holistic approach to eradicating hunger. Donate now.

CROP Hunger Walk on Facebook
Like our page and connect with others across the U.S. Check it out.

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