What color is hope?

Ask the children about their favorite color. Remind them that crayons have very creative names, like Electric Lime, Purple Mountain Majesty, and Razzle Dazzle Rose. Now ask, "What color is hope?"

When you think about a box of crayons filled with colors to depict hope, there are many names that would paint a picture; for example This Little Piggy Pink, Baby Chick Yellow, Mary's Little Lamb White, Rain Tarp Blue, Chalk Board Black, Bunny Fur Brown, Moringa Tree Green, Water Pump Red, Wooly Blanket Gray. Strange names for crayons, you say? Maybe to those of us who have easy access to all of the life- giving tools mentioned. For neighbors around the world who don't have a warm, wooly gray blanket, or little yellow chicks, or a shiny red water pump, these colors and the tools of hope they represent can be beautiful, life-giving, hope-filled.

The Church World Service Blankets+ Program can help make people's lives a little brighter in places like Bolivia, Ghana, Montana, Bosnia, the Horn of Africa, and Indonesia. So as you get out your box of Crayons and connect the dots and color the various pictures, take a moment to think about how having the right tool at the right time makes a difference in the lives of your brothers and sisters around the world. Give an offering for Blankets+ and you will be a part of a rainbow of caring that touches neighbors near and far.

Hen and chicks Crayon box and crayons

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