Imani Puppet

Materials: Giraffe pattern, yellow card stock, photocopier, brown yarn, brown crayons or felt pens, pencil, glue, scissors, ruler. For each child - two wooden clothespins (spring-type).

Preparation: Photocopy the giraffe pattern onto card stock - one for each child. Cut yarn into 2-inch lengths - one for each child.

Instructions to children:

  • Cut out the giraffe.
  • Color brown spots on the giraffe's body and neck.
  • Glue yarn in place for a tail.
  • With the teacher's help, fold the giraffe's neck accordion-style as in the sketch.
  • Clip clothespins onto the bottom of the giraffe's body to make legs.

Simplification: Teacher cuts out the giraffes for younger children.

Variation: Take outline of giraffe, enlarge it on poster board, place on an easel.

Pattern for Imani puppet

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