Hungry Decisions

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Woman's Story

Mother and child, Dominican Republic; photo by Frances Jones/CWSYou were born in a rural area of Africa, Southern Asia, Central or South America. You survived childhood, and at age fourteen you were given in marriage by your parents. By now you have lived with your husband and his people for six years, giving birth to four daughters in that time. You live and eat by raising crops on a four-acre, leased farm.

You want to have more children, especially sons. Children are important on a farm because they help in the fields and about the home. They are also an indication of your fertility and, therefore, a status symbol. Lately though, there has been a government movement toward smaller families. Besides, all of you go to bed still hungry each night.

You and your husband discuss whether or not you should have more children.

If you decide to have more children, continue your story here.

If you decide not to have more children, continue your story here.

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