Hungry Decisions

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Tips for Teachers/Leaders

Hungry Decisions can be used individually, in pairs or in groups as a way to deepen understanding of poverty and hunger. Ask each participant/team to decide whether they will be a man or woman in the story. Remind them to make their choices carefully, weighing the alternatives - their lives depend on it!

Once they come to the end of the story invite them to discuss the reflection questions together. Encourage dialogue on the reasons for their choices. What were the various outcomes of those choices? What feelings surface as they come to the end of the story? Note which decisions generate the greatest struggle for them. How do the decisions for the man and the woman differ from each other? Consider what they might do to open up more choices for hungry people around the world.

Follow up activities:

  • Choose one of the more difficult decisions for the group to prepare a debate on the issue.
  • Turn Hungry Decisions into a play for your school, youth group, congregation.
  • Ask students to draw a picture/write a poem about the most memorable part of the story.
  • Explore the CWS web site to see creative efforts at generating a more hope-filled tomorrow.
  • Organize a CWS Blankets+ fund raiser

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