Hungry Decisions

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A young man in the Peruvian Andes; photo by Doris Knight/CWSMan's Story

You were born in a rural area of Africa, Southern Asia, Central or South America. You have survived childhood and grown to become a man. Being somewhat more fortunate than most, you have leased four acres of farm land on which you grow half your crops. Today there is great celebration in your family for you have married a young woman and are establishing a home.

When there is no evidence of your having children within the first year, your families become worried about your security. They remind you that children are necessary to assist with the farm labor and, with no government or other pension plan, to care for you in your old age. Probably eight to ten children will need to be conceived in order to guarantee that some children survive disease and malnutrition. And there will be extra mouths to feed long before they can help with farm labor or provide for your support.

You and your wife discuss whether or not you will have children.

If you decide to have children, continue your story here.

If you decide not to have children, continue your story here

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