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1. Map study: Find Sudan on a world map or globe. Note the countries the boys walked to: Ethiopia and Kenya. Compare the distances to the distance between more familiar places in the U.S. Distribute the coloring activity for the children to color.
Materials: map or globe, coloring handout

2. Drum making: Make drums out of oatmeal boxes covered with construction paper. Color African designs on the paper cover. Drum the rhythm to the song “Kum Ba Ya.” Can you also make up a dance to the song and the drumming?
Materials: oatmeal boxes, construction paper, crayons or markers

3. Dramatize or pantomime: Act out how you would show or explain some of our daily objects to these boys who may never have used them. Brainstorm some things they might not know about.

For example: snow; a lawn mower; using the shower at your house; a refrigerator; a stove; a CD player; hot dogs; a dishwasher; how to use a fork; an electric can opener.

4. Experience the journey by playing A Long Walk:

5. Hear a refugee's story: Invite a refugee who has settled locally to tell their story. Contact your CWS/CROP Office for leads.

6. Involve your congregation:
Invite them to play A Long Walk.

Find out when there is a CROP Hunger Walk in your community. Involve the children in promoting the Walk by describing how Church World Service helps people like Abraham, Moses, and Samuel. If there is a “Children’s Time” in your worship service, ask if the children can tell/act out the story to the adults during that time.

Invite members of the congregation to sponsor the children in the CROP Hunger Walk. Have the children draw around their foot or make footprints in poster paint on paper. When it is dry, write a “thank you” note around the edge of the footprint for those in the congregation who sponsored them.

NOTE: If you have any questions about CROP Hunger Walks in your area, call your CWS Regional Office at 1-888-CWS-CROP, that’s 1-888-297-2767.

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