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ImaniDo you like to eat fish?

Personally, I prefer leaves. But fish are a great source of protein — an important part of a human’s diet. My young friends in Bolivia sent me these post cards about how they and their parents are raising fish to improve their lives.

Boy fishing with nets

I know a lot about mackerel because my father fishes for them every day — and I help. That is our work. He fishes in a lagoon near my home. Mackerel tastes very good, and it is good for us. Sometimes my parents sell all the fish that they catch. They use the money to pay for our school costs because they want us to study. Still, the money they get is not enough. We need more for food and other things. That is what we hope for.
Your friend,

Two women fishing

We eat fish every day because there is no meat in our village. I like to eat the fish called mackerel, but not every day. We can’t go to the city, because we do not have any money. When we do get a little money from catching fish, my parents use it for our school and our clothing. I hope that fishing will be better, but I also hope for more to eat than fish!
Your friend,

Man standing near rafts

I leave very early in the morning to fish with my sister and father. Sometimes we catch a lot and other times not so much. Fishing is better now because we have new nets and wooden rafts thanks to Church World Service. That is a big help. Mackerel is especially good for children. When my father has caught a lot of fish, he has money. My parents use the money for school supplies and clothing for us. When we get a good education, we have hope for a better life.

Your friend,

Photo credits: INCCA/Bolivia

In Bolivia, my name is Esperanza

For these children and their families, being able to fish gives them esperanza, hope, of a better, healthier life. The tools they receive - rafts and nets - are tools of hope!

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