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1. Where is Vietnam?

Show the children where Vietnam is on a world map. Have one child place a finger there. Have another child place a finger at your state on the map. Notice how far apart the two are. Place a stick-on flag or dot on Vietnam, noting the three countries that are now marked. Take a moment to review the other stories. Sing the song “Children of the World.” (Materials: map or globe, stick-on flags or dots, music)

Kids making School Kits2. Making CWS School Kits

Invite children to decorate pre-made cloth School Kit bags (12” x 14” with a cloth handle and closure — Velcro, snap, or button) with fabric paint or markers. Set them aside to dry. The children can take the bags home with “E-x-t-e-n-d Yourself This Week” and return them with the supplies listed there. Or invite the congregation to contribute to fill the bags.

Place the items listed on the take-home sheet into the cloth bag. Secure the closure. Plan a time for the children to bring in the completed School Kits, and dedicate them during the mission fair or congregational worship.

When the Kits are completed, pack them in a sturdy box. Mark “School Kits” on the outside. Complete the PDF file Kits coupon and put it in the box. Ship the box to the address on the coupon. Send money for shipping and processing ($2 per Kit) or for purchasing Kits ($15 each) to the address on the donation coupon. (Materials: items for each Kit, cloth school bags, fabric paint and brushes or fabric paint in tubes, paint smocks, cardboard carton, sealing tape.)

3. Conversation About Sanitation

Invite the children to name things that they can do to avoid bacteria and germs that carry disease. If you have more than eight children, form two groups and have each one create a list. Then combine their lists to see how many ways they named together. (Materials: newsprint or white board, markers)

4. Vietnamese Game

This game, which is played at the Vietnamese New Year’s celebration, works best with at least five children and an adult leader. Select one child to be “It.” That child is blindfolded and the other children stand wherever they like in the playing area. The leader takes “It” around to meet each child, but “It” cannot see where the children are, of course. The leader then takes “It” to a central spot in the space. Now the children clap. “It” tries to find each one by going toward the sound of the clapping. As “It” finds each child and touches her or him, that child stops clapping. The object is for “It” to find each child. (From A World of Children’s Games by Mary Duckert, Friendship Press, 1993, p. 40.) (Materials: fabric for a blindfold)

5. Soap Craft

Creating soap shapes can be a reminder to the children of Son’s story and an enticement to wash their hands as well. The children can assist in making the soap clay as well as shaping it. Place two cups of shaved flakes of Ivory soap in a large bowl. Gradually add two tablespoons (or more) of water and drops of food coloring. Have the children mix and squeeze the ingredients with their hands until it forms a ball. Then give each child some soap clay to shape or roll into a ball. You can add oatmeal or flower petals to the mixture too. Set the soap balls aside to dry. (Materials: Ivory soap, grater, large bowl, food coloring, oatmeal or flower petals (optional))

6. Vietnamese Nutritious Snacks

In Vietnam, breakfast is usually a bowl of sticky rice with peanuts and coconut milk. For a similar dish, serve rice with warm sweetened condensed milk. Provide bowls of peanuts and shredded coconut for the children to add as they wish. (Materials: cooked rice, sweetened condensed milk, peanuts, shredded coconut)

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