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Extend Yourself this Week!

When water is scarce, it is very precious. Anne carries all the water her family needs each day. How many trips do you think she makes? How would you use water if you had to carry it to your house from somewhere else?

Day One: Beginning with the water you used to brush your teeth this morning, keep a chart of all the water you used today. How much water do you think your family used altogether? Estimate it in quarts. Donate ten cents to CWS for each quart your family used.

Day Two: When communities in the United States have a water shortage, it usually means limits on how much or when we can water our lawns or wash our cars. We still have plenty of water for drinking and washing. Talk to your parents about ways to save water in your home.

Day Three: On average, African and Asian women and children walk more than four miles to get fresh water for cooking and drinking. If you walked that far from your home, where would you be? Imagine walking that distance carrying a bucket of water.

Day Four: Go to's “Activities and Games” page. Find the activities there related to water. Why is water so important to us?

Day Five: Anne wants to be a nurse so she can care for sick people. CWS helps people stay well after a disaster by giving them Hygiene Kits. Each Kit contains a hand towel, washcloth, comb, metal nail file, soap, toothbrush, and Band-Aids and costs $12. What can you do to earn money to contribute toward a Hygiene Kit?

Day Six: Pray for people who live where there is not enough water, or who must travel a long way to have water that is safe to drink. What happens when there is not enough water?

Day Seven: People are often willing to help others if they know how to help them. What have you learned about how to help people in need?

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