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Extend Yourself This Week

Even if you are younger than 15, you can speak out for the environment or help others. Get to know your community and speak out for green spaces and clean water. Stick your neck out for others.

Day One: Make a mobile or poster with raindrops. On each drop, write something you want to pray for to make the world a better place. Take time to pray each day.

Day Two: Go with your family to a nearby lake or stream. Walk around and notice the animals and birds there. What else might you see? You might invite another family to go with you.

Day Three: Do you know people in your community or congregation who are trying to protect the environment? Write them a letter of thanks for their work.

Day Four: With your family or a church group, clean up a community park or other recreation area.

Day Five: Pray that leaders of all nations will work toward enabling all people to have the water they need. Then write a letter to officials in your community or the nation, urging them to make laws that will protect the world water supply so there is enough for everyone in the world. To learn how, visit the CWS Water for All webpage for information on how we can all speak out on behalf of those who don’t have safe water to drink.

Day Six: Ask your parents to tell you a story of a stream, lake, or body of water they loved to visit when they were children.

Day Seven: List the places of outdoor beauty near your home. Give thanks for them and give a donation to CWS for its work helping provide safe water for families.

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