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Extend Yourself This Week

You can show God’s love to children like Hajar too. One way is to give money to Church World Service. That money is used to buy blankets and other supplies when there is an emergency. To provide blankets for a family of five takes $25.

Day One: Blankets seem like an ordinary household object, but they can be used for many things besides sleeping under. How many ways can you think to use a blanket? How might you use a blanket if you had no other household items?

Day Two: Hajar and the other children enjoyed the games and crafts at the CWS program. The parents appreciated this help. Offer to play with a younger child today.

Day Three: After a tsunami, the people need clothing. Go through your closets to find outgrown clothing that is in good condition to give to a local homeless shelter.

Day Four: How many blankets do you have in your house? Set aside an amount of money, such as 25 cents, for each blanket you have. Donate the total to CWS.

Day Five: Look for articles in your newspaper about disasters involving water. Pray for the people who have been affected as well as the people who are trying to help.

Day Six: The tsunami that destroyed Hajar’s village struck over a year ago, but it will take a long time for the families to rebuild. They need your prayers. Plan a time for you and your family to pray together for people like Hajar’s family and village.

Day Seven: Find out more about life after the tsunami. The people there continue to need our help and prayers.

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