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Our four journeys are designed for elementary school children. Depending on your program, you may use all four or any combination to supplement an existing program. (Earlier editions of Build a Better World with additional stories are available online, or you can order them using our secure shopping basket.) Use Build a Better World: Africa in:
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Sunday Church School
  • midweek program
  • camping program
  • scouting program
  • 4-H meetings
  • any group of children you lead

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Imani means "hope" in Swahili (a language of Africa). Build a Better World: Africa tells four hope-filled stories about children assisted through the work of CWS that you can read to the children. (Make copies for the children to take home.) With each story, you'll find:
  • a related Bible study
  • several activities, including ways to support the work of CWS
  • a black and white, reproducible take-home sheet to involve the whole family or to use as a bulletin insert
  • a poster/map (PDF files) to display in the learning area

Giraffes have one of the largest hearts in the animal kingdom. Use these journeys to encourage your children to be big-hearted, too!


Plan ahead! Gather the materials needed and copy the take-home pages and story pages for each child. Find a globe or world map. You may wish to order another copy of this curriculum so you can display the poster and the map at the same time. Visit Imani at for more stories, games, and online activities.

Select a project for the children (and the congregation) to support from among the Best Gifts found on our website. Call your CWS Regional Office at 1-888-297-2767 for additional projects your congregation can support. CWS assistance described in Build a Better World: Africa, for example, includes literacy programs for children and adults, animals, seeds and tools, wells, and School Kits. By supporting efforts like these the children can become part of the story!

Additional materials featuring Imani are also available. For example, "Thank You" certificates ($1 per package of 10), Imani stickers ($5 per package of 50), and Imani T-shirts ($10 each) can be ordered online or by phone at 1-800-297-1516. Also see our Supplemental Materials page for additional online resouces.


Journey to Angola Select a method for creating pictures to make the mobiles so you can gather the necessary materials. Purchase small clay pots and other materials. Make booklets for the African proverbs books.

Journey from Somalia Get information about the local CROP Hunger Walk.

Journey to Rwanda Order note cards made by the children of Rwanda from CWS, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN 46515, call 1-800-297-1516, or visit our website. A set of ten cards is $5, plus $3 shipping and handling per order. Prepare the stamps to make note cards.

Journey to Kenya Recruit people in your congregation to make the bags for the School Kits. Promote collection of Kit materials in your congregation. Get embroidery hoops for the mobiles.


Create opportunities for the children to share their learning and enthusiasm with the congregation through Minutes for Mission, the children's time in the worship service, or displays. Invite everyone to support the children in building a better world through supporting CWS.

To cap their journey, the children might plan a mission fair on Africa for the congregation. Include time in each session to prepare activities and games to be shared. Some suggestions:

  • Set the Stage: Create the environment with travel posters of Africa (ask a travel agent for them) and African music (get recordings from the library). Display posters of African proverbs from the four stories.

  • School Kits: Make admission to the fair one or more items for the School Kits.

  • Find Imani: Giraffes are native to Africa. Have the children make lots of giraffes, all sizes, to hide throughout the "fairgrounds." As the giraffes are found, they can be traded in for a treat at the food stand.

  • Note cards: Sell sets of note cards from CWS made by Rwandan orphans (see above for ordering information). Put out supplies to stamp note cards as described on the Journey to Rwanda Activities page, or provide other art supplies to decorate them. Package note cards made by your children to sell to the congregation at the fair or at the fellowship time on Sunday to raise funds for CWS.

  • Coin toss: Water is an important resource all over Africa and is part of some of the stories. Set a small drinking glass in the middle of a tub of water. Invite the participants to try to toss a coin into the glass. All coins become part of the offering to CWS.

  • Food booth: Serve fruit punch, fresh fruit, and African dishes. See our Global Snacks page for simple recipes.

  • Sell Imani T-shirts: Available in adult and children's sizes.

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